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A Sensational Start to Spring Semester


Welcome (back) to UiB! Perhaps you are also anticipating the next semester and wondering what to expect or how to get a jump start. Below are a few tips that I hope will be helpful in getting us all into the swing of things for spring (semester)!

If you’re a new student, definitely attend the UiB’s Introductory Programme Spring 2015.

At the Introductory Programme, they’ll give you a Semester Startup brochure.  It has a checklist inside. Use that list!

The list will instruct you on things compulsory for all students like:

  • User Account and Student E-mail Address (You may be able to use computers in your faculty or in one of UiB’s libraries to get user accounts and emails set up if you don’t have other internet access.)
  • Student ID Card
  • as well as things which may only apply to some students:
  • ‘Meet the Police’ (Students from EU/EEA/EFTA), or
  • Residence Permit (Students from outside EU/EEA/EFTA)
  • Application for a Norwegian ID Number (Students staying for more than 6 months – if you have to apply for this, get on the appointment scheduling ASAP to avoid unnecessary frustrations and delays!), and
  • TB Testing: Chest X-ray (specified students)
  • SiB Student Deposit Account
  • Norwegian Bank Account
  • Tandem Language Learning

For some of these tasks, a time will be scheduled for you.  That being said, identify what you have to do on your own, and get a head start on anything you can to avoid the lines, even the ones where a time is scheduled.  For example, I went early for my student ID and didn’t even have to wait in line!

Semesterstart 2013

Eivind Senneset, Photographer

Register on Studentweb and pay your semester fee.

Studentweb is open for spring 2015 registration.  If you’re a returning student get on that!
After logging in you can:
• Update contact information
• Register for courses (and exams)
• Confirm your education plan is correct
• Get payment information so you can pay the semester fee (if the fee is applicable to you).  For more useful semester start information, including information about the semester start up fee, click here  
It’s important to remember that the registration deadline is 1 February 2015 (Some courses may have an earlier deadline for class registration).

When paying the semester fee, it’s helpful to keep in mind that it can take 3 days for the semester fee to go through, so you want to do it as soon as you can.  For current students, you can do it online with a Norwegian bank account.  For new students, you’ll have to wait till you arrive in Norway and pay the fee at the post office.  (Students on exchange programmes do not have to pay the semester fee.)  What’s that?  You are a new student determined to pay from abroad?  Well, you can read about how to do that here.  But, be warned, it can take up to 3 weeks for it to post!


Pay your semester fees with those krone, krone-bills, y’all.

UiB has a new digital student ID app!

It is brand new for spring 2015 – the app will be your semester receipt and student ID!  You can get more information about the new app here.  Before using the app, you have to complete your semester registration on StudentWeb and pay the semester fee (if applicable) for the spring semester 2015.

It’s easy to download, I recommend pulling up the link on your phone and navigating over to the app store with it.  I’ll have to give you an update on how easy it is to use after my semester fee posts.  Be better than me, get that registration done and fee paid before you need to blog about it! 😉


Choosing or reflecting on upcoming courses.

  • Current students can take a look at spring semester courses on My Space.
  • Future students can search for course schedules and reading lists on UiB’s Education landing page (you can use the drop down at the top of the page on left hand side to look at courses by category).
  • If you’re taking courses that have written exams, you can look here for links to the dates of exams by faculty. This is helpful because you want to make sure no courses you’re taking hold exams on the same day.

Master's programme pic

Contact your faculty directly with any questions specific to your programme.  And, feel free to ask questions at the Semester Start-Up Help Desk for international students!

Current, future, or prospective students, do you have additional tips for the semester start?  I want to hear them; please comment below!


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