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Some questions I’ve received again and again from commentors relate to the admissions process. While I’m a student and I can’t guide anyone through admissions or make recommendations about programmes or scholarships and financing, I thought I’d put together a post that highlights some places a potential future student may look for this type of information. So, for all those future UiB students out there, here are some tips:


There are different ways to come study at UiB:

  • Exchange Student Information
  • Bachelor’s Degrees (this is probably not for most international students; primarily for Norwegian citizens and those with residence permits): one must have proficiency in Norwegian and English and meet the admission requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway (generell studiekompetanse).
  • Master’s Degrees offered with English as the language of instruction (more than 30 programmes are offered at UiB).
  • PhD positions are mainly advertised as job vacancies. If you have questions regarding a PhD position, please contact the relevant Faculty. You can also look for ideas for how to start the PhD application process here.


Choose your programme:

You can take a look through all the English language programmes at UiB (one-year programmes, bachelor’s degrees and professional studies are taught in Norwegian). Please note that the admissions requirements for each programme are discussed in the programme’s web pages. Please review those to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.






The University of Bergen offers no scholarships or financial support international undergraduates and postgraduates at this time. However, UiB’s lack of tuition fees makes self-financing a more viable solution.

  • Students cover their study and living expenses by their own means.
  • Self-financing applicants from outside the EU/EEA have to show proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses for the duration of their studies in Norway.

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Fees related to attending UiB
Tuition Fees

There is no tuition. UiB does not charge tuition fees either to Norwegian or international students due to its status as a public institution.

Semester Fee to Sammen

There is however, a semester fee for UiB. This fee goes to Sammen (the student welfare organisation). As of July 2015 the fee is NOK 590 per semester, this applies to all students except those on exchange programmes.

Cost of Living

For an idea of some of the costs of living, take a look at this blog post on the cost of living.


  • Make sure you explore the ‘Admissions’ tab of the UiB’s Education Page in detail, so you can gather all the information you need to make decisions and apply for programmes.
Need some guidance on how to go about applying?




To ask questions about applying to UiB, you may contact the department to which you are applying or the international admissions team.

You can contact the international admissions teams with one of the following email addresses:


07. august 2014. Internasjonalt studentmottak, UiB. FOTO: EIVIND SENNESET



Meet some students

It’s always nice to meet some students while you’re hard at work with your admissions process.

15 comments for “Admissions, Programmes & Financing

  1. 13. July 2015 at 02:54

    I am from Afghanistan I am a student of BBA
    now its my last semester I wanna to get admission in bergen the department of sociology in master degree.please tell me about the university fees and what is the requirements for admission for international students?

    • Stand Hiestand
      14. July 2015 at 15:12

      Hei hei,

      Thanks for your comment and I wish you the best for your application to UiB! You can see the fees discussed in the blog post above under the section “Fees related to attending UiB”. Regarding your question about admission requirements, these are listed by programme in the information given for each programme offered at UiB, make sure you check out the sociology programme that interests you. If you still have questions, try contacting the department to which you are applying or the international admissions team. Good luck!

    17. July 2015 at 01:45

    I learnt your bergen uni offered tuition free programme for a prospective student like me from nigeria and i hope i can benefit from it. I intend to study medicine and i hope you can share the processes in accomplishing this with me. Thanks for your time and i hope to hear from you.

    • Stand Hiestand
      18. July 2015 at 12:40

      Hi there, I wish you the very best with your application process to UiB – you can take a look at the post above for all my tips about locating a programme and applying, and the Quota Scheme which may or may not be applicable for you depending on your current university. Regarding your question about the processes of applying for a programme, these are listed by programme in the information given for each programme offered at UiB, make sure you check out the medical programme’s information on the UiB website. If you still have questions, try contacting the department to which you are applying or the international admissions team. Good luck!

  3. Melnic
    23. July 2015 at 12:49

    Hello! How long are the courses of norwegian language (3 nivels)?

    • Stand Hiestand
      28. July 2015 at 13:29

      Hei hei! Great question, and I think a post on the Norwegian Language course would be a great one. But if you can’t wait for me to post that in the next several weeks to find out the answer to your question, you might contact the course providers directly at — good luck!

  4. Andrea
    27. July 2015 at 14:48

    Hi! Thank you for your blog!
    I’m going to come to study in Bergen next year, I’m from Italy and I knew that there was no need to prove my self-financing in Norway… can you give me more details about this, please?

  5. Kate
    13. January 2016 at 11:38

    Hey there!
    Your blog is very interesting and with lots of information for those who would like to study in Bergen!:-)

    My boyfriend and I – he is from India, I am from Austria – would like to study there. I already have one BA degree in Romance Language and Literature, but would like to study BA molecular biology at Bergen University (I already have two semesters of molecular biology, but the Austrian system is really stupid). Do you think it is possible to study Bachelor, though my norwegian language knowledge is not thaaat high?

    I would love to hear from you,

    • Stand Hiestand
      14. January 2016 at 14:58

      Hi Kate! Thanks for your post! My understanding is that for a Bachelors degree a pretty high level Norwegian is usually necessary. If anyone else knows differently, please go ahead and comment! Masters programmes are more likely to be available in English. I wish you and your boyfriend the very best – hope you find something that works for you here!

  6. naveen
    30. April 2017 at 13:24

    i am being offered to master in global can i contact passed out students from same course to obtain there feedback and prospective job offers after completion of course. UIB website does not feature such links or contacts!

    • Stand Hiestand
      8. May 2017 at 10:47

      Hi there! Congratulations on your offer! I hope to see you here in Bergen next semester! You have a totally understandable question. Of course, the University can’t give out private individuals’ information without permission, that is why there are not links or contacts for current or past students. But, you can try emailing the Global Health Programme directly, providing them your information, and requesting they put a past student in touch with you if they can. Hope that helps!

  7. Estifanos Alemayehu
    6. November 2017 at 12:59

    Hey there!
    I am from Ethiopia I am a student of Material science and Engineering.
    now its my last semester I wanna to get admission in bergen the department of Material science and Engineering in master degree.please tell me about the Fully funded scholarship in Bergen uni.

    • Stand Hiestand
      6. November 2017 at 17:10

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you are interested in UiB. I am a student too and not aware of a fully funded scholarship at this time, but it may be good news that Norwegian public institutions of higher education don’t have tuition fees. If you need more information about funding than what is in the blog post above, you might take a look here. I wish you all the best with funding and I hope to see you in Bergen!

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