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Are you my fadder?

So, what do you have to expect in August when you head into Bergen to start school at UiB? Well, after you get yourself into town from the airport, and attend the Introductory Programme one of the first major opportunities you have to meet other students in your faculty in a social setting is by attending Fadderuken (The Mentor Week). One of the lovely students I met on my fadderuke still calls me, “Salty Stand” based on an ice-breaker game that we played.

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So what’s fadderuken?

Mentor Week is an Autumn Semester phenomenon for all new students (so, lucky you, you can join!). In each faculty, student volunteers offer to to be fadder (mentors) for a small groups of new students. They help guide the newbies around Bergen and the campus area and offer many organized chances to meet and befriend each other via various social and cultural activities. These are both in the small mentor groups as well as in larger gatherings.


When is fadderuken?

Fadderuken’s dates actually vary by faculty, some start as early as August 10th, but the faculty of social sciences, for example has their mentor week 12.-16. August. Check with your faculty to see when your week starts! Or search for a fadderuke facebook page for your faculty for more information. I see a couple including:


fadder_2009Copyright: Academic Affairs, University of Bergen 

Where is fadderuken?

Well, that all depends… of course your mentors likely want to show you the UiB University campus and Bergen itself. Also, your activities may be anything from a picnic in the park, to a treasure hunt, to a quiz, to a hike, or, of course, parties. What you do will vary depending on your faculty’s plan, and of course, on your own choices!

fadderbilder_008_0Hard to see it, but the students in the center are wearing some patented pink fadder t-shirts (t-shirt color may vary). Copyright: Academic Affairs, University of Bergen

Faculty Fadderuke Programmes

As I mentioned, each faculty has its own fadderuke programme. Of course, when you meet your mentor they will give you more detailed information what you’ll be doing. But, if you have any questions about your faculty’s fadderuke, you can email the  Week programme leader of your faculty:


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