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Be a guest blogger and win a prize!

UiB is happy to offer a couple of contests through the International Blog. They each have one week deadlines so make sure to submit for them straight away! I’ll let you know about the first “Guest Blogger” contest today, but stay tuned for the second one – coming later this week!



Blogging ambitions?

You could win a guest post on this very blog! Just submit your blog post to the email below by the submission deadline. Your post should be your list of 8 things that surprised you about Bergen. They can be small or large things – from clothes to culture. They could be funny or serious. You could have learned about them as products of crazy misunderstandings (please, tell us the story!); or a Norwegian (or international) friend may have casually informed you of them in conversation. Please include some fabulous photos if you have them.



Here’s a lil’ example: I was surprised by the Norwegian tendency to drag their babies behind them in “pulks” when they ski! *Let’s face it, though, it wasn’t surprising given Norsk outdoorsy-ness. Photos: Sarah McMains

You could win!

Not only the fame and fortune associated with blogging (read: your blog will totally go up in this space), but a byGavekort (city gift card) that can be used like a debit card at more than 320 venders throughout Bergen. The gift card must be redeemed by December 31; perfect timing to get some Christmas gifts for your loved-ones (or, you know, for you). You don’t only have to go shopping – you could also use your byGavekort for cinema, theater, concerts, travel, restaurants, and more! You needn’t spend it all in one place, if you don’t want to; it can be used at multiple vendors until the balance is used. Check out the vendors you can frequent at this link. 





The lucky winner of the guest blog spot receives a byGavekort worth kr 600 Ready to enter?




Submit by December 2nd.

Email your submissions to Studieadministrativ avdeling (Division of student affairs) at by 12:00 on the 2nd of December.  Good luck!


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