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Behind the boat

For today’s post, I interviewed Osei Kontor Dennis, the brain behind the party boat.  Osei Kontor Dennis, a former UiB student who may be studying here again in the Autumn, organized the recent student boat trip from Bergen to Stavanger (you can read more about it in my last blog post, “I’m on a boat”). Dennis is from Ghana, he is event planner and one of the leaders at the Tenant’s Union (TU) Fantoft. The Tenant’s Union Fantoft strives to make students’ experiences at Fantoft great. Their motto is “Making your stay better”.

Dennis is experienced in planning events for international students in Ghana, the USA, and Norway. His goal for this trip was to provide students and Fantoft residents with an experience to remember because, “As a formal international student adviser at University of Ghana, I know for a fact that study abroad is 60% about the social life and exchange of culture”.


Meet Dennis! Photo: Ishmeal Gallega



What inspired the Party-Boat trip?

For over 20 years Friday parties at Klubb Fantoft have given both long-term residents at Fantoft and Erasmus students good memories of their study aboard in Bergen, but the new residents have not had the chance to enjoy this part of Klubb Fantoft. So I decided to organize this boat trip as a compensation, thus giving them something about the study abroad in Bergen to tell their friends about back at their home universities.

Planning a trip like this, demands time, energy, and a good team like the one I had in the TU volunteers at Fantoft. In addition, it takes the ability to withstand pressure, to organize, and to coordinate. Above all, one must has the willingness to work with others and other leadership qualities including communication and networking skills. All in all, the boat trip was successful due to the great teamwork between TU Fantoft volunteers and the crew at Fjordline.

Can you share a highlight or highlights from the experience?

Seeing students sharing a meal, a drink, smiling, and having fun together were the best parts of my experience.

Also, I received a great reply from Antoine, one of the volunteers, when I sent him this message, “Great work on the cruise if I forgot to tell you. You and the other volunteers were always there to help”:

“Thanks!” He wrote, “It was a pleasure to do that. I’ve received a lot of good feedbacks from my friends about that boat trip, so the work was worth it.”



Gotta take this opportunity to sneak in more photos from the trip! Photo: Stand Hiestand



Is there anything you’d want to do differently next time?

I’d like to get other students involved, from all the other student housing or from all of Bergen. Maybe we could find a way to have the boat all to ourselves.



Photo: Stand Hiestand



Are there any upcoming events that you’d like to tell students about?

We may be organizing an open concert at Fantoft!

Also, we hope to do another boat trip after summer. People should just watch out for more big events by following the TU Fantoft Facebook page.



Photo: Stand Hiestand


If a student wants to volunteer to get involved organizing events like these, how do they go about that?

Anyone who want to be part of organizing such events should join the TU Fantoft volunteers or can contact me directly.



Photo: Stand Hiestand



Is there anything else you want to share?

I am available to help others with planning and arranging other events, contact me at





3 comments for “Behind the boat

  1. 'Yemi Thomas
    29. March 2015 at 01:06

    Massive fun you’re indulging in Stand; I’m jealous. Big Ups and special shout outs to Osei K.D, I’m extremely glad that a fellow African is MAD(Making A Difference) out there. Nice one bro! I really do hope we make Autumn, I look forward to meeting you man. Keep up the good work Stand and wish me luck as I anticipate my Letter of Acceptance by mid-april.

    • Dennis
      29. March 2015 at 18:46

      Link up as soon as you get your letter of acceptance. Thanks

    • khi005
      29. March 2015 at 23:30

      Good luck! Hope that letter of acceptance comes in soon and that we get to meet you in the Fall!

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