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Books! Books! Books!

So, you’re coming to Norway for school – så fint! I hope that you will enjoy your time studying here as much as I have. You may already know that Norway is not so cheap (take a peak at typical living costs here) and be looking to save a few kroner. We all know that textbooks tend to be expensive at the best of times and in most countries, so one way to save a little is to seek out used textbook opportunities. Here are some ideas for you when it comes to cheaper textbooks:


Buy before you arrive

If you’re in a country where Amazon or similar websites are a thing, you can always look for discounted or second-hand textbooks online. Amazon has limited (and expensive) shipping to Norway, though, so if you want to use this type of service, best buy with plenty of time before traveling to Norway so you can pack your textbooks among your luggage.



Buy a textbook from a former student

Of course one of the best ways to get used textbooks is to buy from students who have recently taken the same course. You might find such students on one of the student Facebook marketplaces such as:

Fantoft Market 2016/2017

Alrek little market

Or you could check for notices on the bulletin boards in the academic buildings at UiB.



Seek out the texts online

Rarely there are even PDFs of books available on the internet for free. Alternatively you could check for used books on, Norway’s Craigslist (used book = bruktbok if that helps).





Keep in mind with all the above options that you want to make sure you’re getting the correct edition for your course. You can either pay attention to the published date and edition, or just get the correct ISBN.


Make the library your friend

The Bergen Public Library (Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek) or the UiB Library that corresponds to your faculty may be just the ticket for you. If you’re truly lucky (and truly lightning-fast) you might be able to check out your required textbooks (but as copies are limited and you can generally have books out for about a month, it is rare that you will be the lucky one to have checked out the book. Don’t give up hope, though! The UiB Libraries tend to have copies of the required textbooks for courses that cannot be loaned out. This means if you’re not particularly keen on owning books or if you don’t mind doing all your reading at the library (or doing your fair share of scanning or photocopying) you have another option for a way to access texts for free.

The Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek may be less likely to have textbooks, but worth a look! For more information about the public library including how to get a library card, check out this blog post.


UiB, Historisk- filosofisk fakultetsbibliotek, b¿ker, bok Brukt til bl.a. forside Studere 2009-2010


Just buy them at the bookstore

Of course you can always get textbooks at the student bookstore, Akademika (in the student centre, Parkveien 1). While these are unlikely to be discounted, you will be guaranteed to be buying the correct edition for the course.


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