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In order to kick-off the upcoming #uibstudent photo-competition (see the bottom of the post for all the details) today’s post is going to focus on what I’m most grateful for about studying at UiB. The competition is open for all UiB students, whether Norwegian or International, so get your cameras or your phones ready and, remember to tag your entries: #uibstudent.  If you don’t need any more inspiration, you can scroll down immediately to the contest details at the bottom of the post, otherwise enjoy this post about what I’m most grateful for about attending UiB.

Photo by Stand HiestandPhoto: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

Difficult decisions

There’s so much I’m grateful for surrounding coming to study at UiB.  I have several notably amazing professors, an engaging subject of study, a community of awesome friends, parents who are supportive of my studies, and an apartment I adore. What isn’t there to be grateful for? But, when thinking about this question, I wanted to single out that which I was most grateful for that is unique to me being a student at UiB, and that, for me is my amazing blogging job (seriously, I love this blog). Without being a student here at UiB, I might never have had this opportunity to write and share photos regularly about my experiences here in Norway and at the university. And, without blogging, I might not have experienced nearly so many student activities and adventures. So here’s some moments I’m grateful to have documented because of this blog, with an abundance of photos in honor of the contest!


Had it not been for the blog…

There were so many times I had events suggested to me for the blog, or I was inspired to attend in order to share an activity with other international students. Were it not for the blog, I probably would not have had some of the following experiences. And I’m so grateful I got to experience all of these (and more!):

International Afternoon

IMG_5849 Before the International Afternoon (for my post ‘After the International Afternoon’). Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

I got to bask in the beauty of the refurbished UiB museum meeting space for the  ‘International Afternoon’  last September. It was the first time I had gotten to see the inside of the museum at all (it had be under renovation the whole time I’d been in Bergen so far).  And basking and generally satisfaction of curiosity about the museum’s interior (I had always thought it’s exterior was very aesthetically appealing and wanted to go inside!) wasn’t the only benefit to that experience. I also soaked in the intimate performance by Silja Sol, and was intrigued by several of the lecturer’s presentations.


IMG_5843 Enjoying music as well as learning about Bergen weather and Norwegian culture at the International Afternoon. Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

Student Ombudsman

One of the missions of this blog is to offer useful information to fellow international students, and that mission inspired a post about the student ombudsman, Sylvi Leirvåg.  Sylvi works hard for students rights and helps with complaints of maladministration.  Had it not been for my visit with her, I could have never recommended her services recently to a friend of mine.

IMG_5726 Meeting and learning all about the student ombudsman, a helpful woman to know! Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent


A night with Don Giovanni

This blog gave me the opportunity to attend an opera staged by Bergen National Opera (BNO), performed at Greighallen. My experience of Don Giovanni included the humorous realization that my Norwegian wasn’t good enough to read the supertitles, and I really should have brought an English-language version of the libretto along with me if I had wanted to get all the jokes!

IMG_1131I got to ogle the lights of Greighallen from the inside, and attend an opera, Don Giovanni! Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

Taking in some Bergen museums

11863471_10153064462883616_6028100326559610185_nI enjoy museums in my own way… Kode. Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

IMG_2656 An interior from Ole Bull’s Museum at Lysøen Island.  Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

I finally made it to Kode after living in Bergen for months, inspired to do a post about the ‘free for students’ Thursdays! And, on top of that, I got to take a tour of one of Ole Bull’s former houses, and learn about this talented musician and dynamic character.

Sharing tales of student travels

I’ve been so lucky to get to explore a little bit of Norway (and beyond) during my time as a UiB student. I love traveling. I find it brings me into the present moment, because I’m out of my everyday routines.  In that way it is always engaging and I always learn something new. And, through the blog I got to document some of these adventures (which is especially good because I have a terrible memory!).

I got to have a student adventure to Denmark on a boat with a Fantoft student group. Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent


  IMG_3945 I had an amazing boat ride from Aurland through Sognefjord, back to Bergen. Would recommend! I also got to explore some other charming locations, including Voss. Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

IMG_4219I was thrilled to share my travels to Lofoten, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever explored, and to try to answer some questions about how to plan a trip there.  Lofoten, Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

IMG_4590I got to be there just after the midnight sun, this ‘sunset’ was taking around 1:30 in the morning, and it still never got completely dark! Lofoten, Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

IMG_4452 (1) Did I mention I thought Lofoten was really beautiful? Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent


Intriguing you (hopefully) with my interests

Ultimately, I feel so fortunate to have had a consistent opportunity to write, something I love, thanks the to UiB student blog. Writing is certainly one of my passions, and I’ve been so thrilled to share some of my other interests(including ‘weird’ ones, like fermenting) with other international students through my blog:

IMG_3242_2I love hiking, but a stupid back injury made my attempt at the Seven Mountain challenge especially pathetic . Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

IMG_3229_2 I got to go see the fabulous Reggie Watts performing live at Nattjazz. He’s hilarious and talented! Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

IMG_8231Let’s not forget the fabulous, annual Gingerbread town — I even made a house for it (as I have recently developed an interest in actually cooking/making things) with the help of some friends my first winter in Bergen! Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent

The Beerfest.And of course, I had to share my love of beer, and encourage anyone else who enjoys a quality beer to volunteer for Ølfestival in the fall. I went my first fall in Bergen and volunteered my second, and I would absolutely join them again! Photo: Stand Hiestand #uibstudent


My time writing for the UiB blog has allowed me to have experiences I never would have had otherwise, write about adventures that I had as an international student in Norway, and share some of my own passions with other international students. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to work on the blog, and it never would have happened if I hadn’t taken the leap and come the the UiB to study!

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