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Don Giovanni, you invited me to dinner and I have come!

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Don Giovanni last night at the Bergen National Opera (BNO), performed at Greighallen. Mozart’s Don Giovanni is based on the fictional, and womanizing, Don Juan. A commonly staged Opera, Don Giovanni is filled with sex and death. Bergen National Opera partners with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra to focus on fresh interpretations of classic works with talents both Nordic and international. For more information about Bergen National Opera, click here.


By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede


For a taste of the music of Don Giovanni, you can check out the video below:


Oliver Mears stages this production on a luxury cruise ship in the 1960s, charmingly realized in the sets which include the long cabin corridors (Don Giovanni’s room number is of course, 666), sunny decks, bars, ballrooms and jacuzzis of a high end ship. Mears’ interpretation is an intriguing exploration of the tension between the embracing of sexual freedoms and the oppression of conservative forces in the 1960s. Want to find out more about Don Giovanni and how Mears interpreted it for Greig Hall’s stage? Take a look at this interview.



By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede


Here’s my three tips if you want to check out Don Giovanni or another Opera at BNO:


By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede

Yes, there are discounted prices!

If you are under 30 years old, tickets are just 150 nok, but remember to bring your ID with you when you come. Buy tickets online, either on the BNO page describing the Opera you seek, or here. You can also buy tickets in person at the Greighallen ticket office, located in he ticket office Kafé Edvard, in the red building right outside Grieg Hall.

Contact the Ticket Office:

Telephone: 55 21 61 50
Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00, Thurs 10.00-19.30, Sat 11.00-14.00
And one hour before curtain.

For more information about tickets, click here.



By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede


The supertitles are in Norwegian. Of course they are, we’re in Norway!

So you’ve been studying some Norsk? That’s great! This may be terrific practice for reading Norsk, and it gives you some live action drama to help you remember what those words mean!

What’s that you say? You have had too much other studying to do, and while it saddens and shames you, you haven’t learned Norsk beyond “unnskyld” (excuse me), “tusen takk” (thanks a million), and knowing to say “nei, takk” to a “pose” at the Meny (“no thanks” to a “bag” at the ‘Menu’… that’s a specific grocery store, I translated it for your edification, you are welcome!). Well, if you haven’t had a chance to learn Norsk, it is still worth getting out and culturing yourself, you can simply:


Prepare before the show.

By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede

You can read over the synopsis ahead of time: the BNO’s site kindly directs you here, scroll down to see the synopsis. Or you can go one step further and read the libretto (the lyrics or text of an Opera) itself. If you’re out to see a different opera, it is easy enough to google to find the description or the libretto.

Or you can just go to BNO for the exhibition of tremendous vocal talent and excellent execution of classic compositions.



By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede

Hurry! Don Giovanni only has two more performances, March 18th and 20th. Or, check out BNO’s other performances this season.


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  1. 15. April 2015 at 22:15

    Don Giovanni is wonderful! I’m so glad you got the chance to see him. Thanks for sharing.

    • khi005
      15. April 2015 at 22:19

      Thanks so much for your comment! I am super glad I got to see Don Giovanni, too!

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