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I haven’t talked much about lectures and events on and off campus this year, but I’ve found them to be a great way to learn about diverse topics, meet people, and generally feel engaged academically here at UiB and in the community at large. I attended quite a few last year, and many were remarkably intriguing.


sam_1083_cover_web_16-9 An upcoming lecture by Professor Dr. Med. Bjarne Bjorvatn  discusses vaccines. Copyright: CIH, Image:



Explore the UiB Calendar

Not feeling stimulated at the moment? There are all sorts of  courses, conferences, events, lectures, seminars, etc. ongoing at UiB that you can explore.

  • Take a look at the UiB Calendar here.
  • Check out all of the events or filter by the type of event you’re interested in.
  • Read more on the event pages and contact the event coordinator with any questions (such as: is this event in Norsk?)

There are several events coming up from UiB in October, including lectures such as “The German Invention of Homosexuality“, “Homosexuality in the Third Reich“, “Vaccines – a cursed blessing“, and Professor Magnus Marsden’s (University of Sussex) Fredrik Barth Honorary Lecture.







Want to find other educational or cultural events?

  • Try Studentersamfunnet i Bergen, an independent forum housed in Kvarteret that promotes the “free debate and dissemination of scientific, political and cultural issues”.

I attended a fascinating lecture there last April about the relative harm of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs by Dr. David Nutt who promotes the idea of reclassifying substances based on which ones are causing the most harm to individuals and society.

Coming up from Studentersamfunnet:

On Tuesday 13th October, Dr. Raymond Craibe (Associate Professor, Department of History, Cornell University), offers a lecture on the phenomenon of individuals attempting to create their own sovereign states.




  • Litteraturhuset (The Literature House), the bookstore, cafe and restaurant (great breakfasts!) that you may already know, also offers readings and events.




Check out this post for more details on past events at Literature House and CMI.



Comment below and share any experiences about events that got you thinking, or ask questions!



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