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Find your niche: Skeive Studenter

Today, we’ll continue to explore some of the many groups which students join in Bergen and meet a member of Skeive Studenter, the LBGT+ student organization. I had the pleasure of meeting Mette, she has been a quizmaster for Skeive Studenter’s regular quiz nights. I got to meet her in person when she ran her last quiz for Skeive Studenter last night at Fincken. The quiz nights will continue with a new quizmaster. 
imageFincken pre-quiz.  Photo: Stand Hiestand

Meet Mette

Meet Mette, the newly retired quizmaster at Skeive Studenter. Mette is just about to turn 29 (happy upcoming birthday to her in June!).  She earned her bachelor of biomedical science in Australia and last year she completed her masters degree in health science/genetic counseling at UiB.
Photo provided by Mette. Thanks, Mette 🙂
Mette got started in Skeive Studenter by attending a quiz night solo and being placed with a team. She says she got on so well with her team they “adopted” her as a friend. Their friendship is still going strong and she went from quiz-participant to quizmaster. She has also become the leader of Skeive Studenter! She has really enjoyed her time as quizmaster (she’s been master of quizzes since October 2014 !). She credits her enjoyment to the many lovely people she gets to meet because of it, and also that being quizmaster is a challenge of the mind. She’s loved the opportunity to geek out a lot. But, now she will pass the quizmaster mantle on to someone new – maybe you? 
SpeedDate15_Bergen_750Hei, hei, Mette! Image:
Mette was kind enough to let myself, the Norwegian blogger, Marianne, and our friends join for her last quiz. She even made it in English so I could understand the questions (but still not know any of the answers – I am terrible at quizzes)! If you are a non-Norwegian speaker interested in attending a quiz, Mette mentioned that the quizzes were primarily run in English in the Autumn semester (when there were many international students). You can also always contact the Skeive Studenter on Facebook to ask about the language of upcoming quizzes. 
imageMarianne gettin’ ready to be quizzed. The MVP of our team! Photo: Stand Hiestand

The Quiz

I have never been good at trivia. Aaaand, I continue not to be – but I will say I really helped my team “Next Question Please” (so named because we thought we wouldn’t know the answers to any questions, not because we were so overconfident that we wanted to keep those questions coming!). I helped my team, that is, to come in dead last. I think I knew the answer to all of 2 of the questions (in a total of 5 rounds of questions, around 10 questions a round).  I was naturally a detriment to my team. However, in my defense, even with the help of two Norwegians, our Norwegian geography answers were abysmal. And I have to acknowledge that Marianne was really the MVP of our team, coming in strong with her ability to identify Disney movie musicals.  Thanks, Marianne! 
imageCountry flags? I’ll leave mixing up New Zealand and Australia to you, my friend. Photo: Stand Hiestand

Mette’s Q & A

Mette was kind enough to answer some questions for Marianne and I about Skeive Studenter and her experience in the group. She knows a lot about the group as an active member and the group’s leader. Here are her responses to our inquiries!

Can you tell us a bit about Skeive Studenter? What types of activities can students join in? 
Skeive Studenter is a student organization that focuses on being a social forum for the LBGT+ students at UiB, HiB and other tertiary schools in Bergen. What we put on for activities varies a little from year to year, but we have a monthly quiz (first Thursday of the month) and a monthly game night (last Wednesday of the month). Other events we put on include a skating day in January/February, bowling, movie nights, debates, lectures, pizza nights, parties, etc. In June we usually have a parade workshop where we make signs to use in the Pride parade that is held in the beginning of June sometime. We always have a truck in the parade where our members dance and have fun. In August we usually have a kick-off party to kick off the school year, and in November we always have an event for the transgender day of remembrance. We also cooperate with other organizations, student and otherwise, throughout the year. 
How does one join Skeive Studenter?

One joins Skeive Sudenter at one of the events. Right now it costs 50kr to join for one semester or 80kr for two semester, and you pay directly to a member of the board who will write your information down on our member list. The price might end up changing this year as it has been the same for many years, but it will still be a very affordable price. We do technically accept everyone as a member, but our member base must be two thirds students in order for us to get funding from Kulturstyret.

Anyone can join our events, so you don’t have to be a student to participate. However, we have some events where we will pay for our members, such as pizza night, so if you’re not a member you either have to become one or pay for yourself.

 Bilde5Photo: Thelise Stene Hansteen. Image:

Where do you usually hang out?
We usually hang out either at Fincken or at Kvarteret. Sometimes we go other places as well, it depends on what event we are putting on, but it’s mainly those two places.
Kvarteret. Image: 

Find out more about Skeive Studenter

You can check out their website here.

Or take a look at their Facebook.


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