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Find your niche: Student Radio

As part of the theme of finding your niche as a UiB student, this week I got a first hand look at the student radio, and I even participated in a radio programme.  My friend, Sam, a student actively involved in a number of student groups, is a part of the production crew at the radio programme Skumma Kultur, you can listen to their podcasts here (they are primarily in Norwegian: good practice for Norsk language skills!).  So, let’s take a journey into a student organization and meet Sam and the student radio…


Hei hei, Sam!

This is Sam’s first time living in Norway despite being of Norwegian descent (half Norwegian, half Filipino to be precise). She’s been in Bergen about 2 years. She’s learned Norwegian, and she’s currently studying sociology at UiB.  She was born in Manila, was raised in Jakarta. She is basically very cool and international 😉

Photo of Sam provided by Sam Hatten.

Sam’s take on life in Bergen

Sam is grateful for her good fortunate to have Norwegian citizenship and thinks that Norway is a great place to be a woman, to be a part of the LGBT community, and notes the many benefits of living here. She feels Bergen is a charming city that grows on you. She thinks despite the size that there is a lot happening in Bergen, and feels more engaged here than she did in Jakarta. She attributes this at least in part to the many activities and cultural events that appeal to her that are widely accessible including a vibrant poetry scene, and concerts.

Skjermbilde-2016-03-29-kl.-18.15.17-930x400A spoiler for a future blog? The writer’s group sponsors periodic poetry nights. Image:

Sam’s thoughts on relating to Norwegians

Sam finds the Norwegian people nice.  She acknowledges that they can be perceived as cold and advises international students to be patient and to reach out. She would have described herself in the past as a shy person, but moving to Norway forced her to be come more outgoing, and for that, she is grateful. She’s realized that she needs to be the one to start the conversation, or else there many never be one. And she feels she’s benefited from that observation.

Cats (a random note about cats)

Sam prefers dogs to cats. Even though dogs smell worse (I tease, I tease! I love dogs too), she insists that dogs are far superior to cats. But, nonetheless, she recommends the cat shelter in Bergen if you need an animal fix.



Student radio

Bergen student radio, an alternative to commercial and state-run radio, is the oldest local radio station in Bergen. Run by ~160 student volunteers, they broadcast 119 hours of commercial free radio per week, offering live shows daily 7am – 2pm, and live shows, replays, and podcasts evenings starting at 9pm. The programmes are also available as podcasts on itunes and on the radio website.



Most of the programs are in Norwegian,  and most members speak Norsk, but international students are welcome. You can check out the English-language program “Blah Blah Woof Woof”, an international dance music program featuring Australian dance music hosted by Australian DJ, Andrew Rhodes. Read more about “Blah Blah Woof Woof” here. Read about Bergen student radio here.


imageInside a studio at the student radio. Photo: Stand Hiestand


Sam estimates that there are about 20-30 programmes in the student radio. She notes the large number of hard-working students involved in student radio. They put considerable time and effort into the programmes – and into having fun – as there are also social events involved in the radio. Sam first joined student radio as a way to jumpstart her own network of friends here in Bergen.


Sam also highlights the diverse and niche programming of the student radio – there is even a programme called “Tights” that is just about superheroes, not comic books, specifically superheroes!


Skumma Kultur

Sam currently works as part of a team on the cultural programme Skumma Kultur.  She works along side Ina Hilton (programme director), Andrea Regine Meyer, and Mari Aas Finne to explore the cultural scene in Bergen. She enjoys working as part of the team, together they highlight a wide variety of topics from ballet to hip hop. From attending events to interviewing a street artist, slam poet, illustrator, or clown… they dive into the cultural landscape of Bergen.  They offer themed broadcasts, and I even got to participate in an upcoming episode themed The Paradox of Choice (You can download it here).


imageHoping Sam edits her interview of me well so I sound cooler than I am… Photo: Stand Hiestand

What Sam appreciates about the radio

Sam finds the student radio to be worthwhile, meaningful work. She loves helping make something every week. Everybody dedicates a lot to making the strongest broadcast possible. She enjoys being on the radio, and even now she’ll listen in when there are segments she pre-recorded to catch her own voice ‘live’ on-air. It’s exciting to be on the air and to have her team’s work available as a podcast on itunes. Sam appreciates the amount of input student volunteers have in the radio, not only within the context of an existing programme, but also through submitting their own self-created programmes! If accepted, a student could add a new programme to the radio’s roster. So, she highly recommends joining Bergen student radio if you have a desire to get your own voice out into the world, or if you like podcasts…


imageSam hard at work and having fun. Photo: Stand Hiestand



Join the Radio yourself!

Care to join the radio? You can  fill out an application form to join in the beginning of the semester here.

Contact by phone: 55 54 51 29
Contact by e-mail:
Student Radio is located at: Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen

You can listen to Bergen Student Radio at FM 96.4, FM 106.1 and FM 107.8.
Wanna check out UiB’s student radio live right now? Click here.
Want to read more about the student radio? Take a look at their website.



Involved in a student group and want to be interviewed? Comment below!



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