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Find your niche: SAIH

As I highlighted in a recent post, finding your community or niche while studying abroad in Bergen can be facilitated by joining a student organization or attending their events. In my first post looking at student organizations, I focused on the Erasmus Student Network, a non-profit international student organization that stretches across Europe.  Today’s post will focus on Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond (SAIH), in English: Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund.




My understanding of SAIH from their description is that they are an organization focused on education in the context of development cooperation. (Anyone familiar with SAIH can feel free to help us all have a more nuanced understanding of the organization by commenting below!) SAIH emphasizes “education for liberation”, it supports capacity building, higher education, and research in the global south, particularly Africa and Latin-America.


SAIH strives to address challenges faced in the global south and policies, structures, and attitudes in the global north that create injustice.  SAIH meets once a week, in English, and exchange students are welcome to attend! Additionally, SAIH offers lectures and debates, as well as other activities including campaigns and social events.



Get in touch with Bergen’s chapter of SAIH via email:, or check out their website.

Upcoming featured event:

SAIH’s website features the 2016 Please Prize, Norway is hosting this award ceremony for this explicitly proactive peace prize.  The Please Prize’s objective is “Please make peace”, it is awarded to those world leaders who are taking decisive first steps towards peace. This years prize will be awarded at Kunstnernes Hus (in Oslo) March 14th, 2016. The winners of the 2016 Please Prize include the King of Morocco, His Majesty King Muhammed VI; H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz, the president of Western Sahara; and Erna Solberg, Norway’s Prime Minister for their work on the peace process between Western Sahara and Morocco in order to support the Saharawi people’s self-determination. This year is the first year the prize will be awarded.


Bergen’s chapter is hosting a Please Prize event at 20:00 on Wednesday, March 16th at Det Akademiske Kvarter (Olav Kyrresgate 49) that includes tapas, Ola Weel Skram playing live, and a panel discussion with Western Sahara experts including Christian Ranheim, a human rights lawyer; Kari Bernardini, a County Council for the Labour Party (Hordaland) member; and Martine Jahre, Vice President of SAIH.
Keep an eye on other SAIH Bergen chapter events on their facebook events page or just like SAIH-Bergen on Facebook.


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