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Gettin’ familiar… with Bergen

Hei all! I thought it would be nice for the new arrivals if I went over a few points related to the basic layout of Bergen. Maybe you’ve already mastered it in the short time since you’ve arrived, or maybe you’re a seasoned student who wants to add some valuable tips – if so, just comment below! This is mapping we can build upon!



I just think this map is cool;) Image:

Overview – from Flesland to Åsane

You remember Bergen Airport, Flesland or BGO – the one you flew right on into upon arrival- we’re using that as our furthest southerly landmark on this map, and Åsane as our furthest northerly landmark (because of Ikea, naturally!).

Of course you need to remember where the airport is, for future travels, directing your guests into town, and (perhaps, sadly,) eventually departure. And, you need to remember where Åsane is in case you need Ikea supplies, so – what else do you need in between?


map bergen

Try the actual map:

imageYou remember that airport! Try the actual map:


To go get those warm clothes for the Norwegian climate, for example, you may need to find some shopping centers.



map bergen shoppingTry the actual map:

From North to South:

Outdoor Recreation


Tveitevannet is a lovely lake to walk or run around near Fantoft.


image Try the actual map:


map bergen mtnsTry the actual map:

From North to South
  • Fløyen, a must-hike (or take the Fløibane) mountain that offers a lovely view of the sentrum and surrounding mountains.
  • Ulriken, highest of the “seven mountains” that surround Bergen. Hike it or take the cable car up for a spectacular view.




map bergen parks

Try the actual map:

From North to South

Nordnesparken offers beautiful views and a totem pole gifted from my home city of Seattle. While this park has a lovely tree-rich atmosphere, it can bare the brunt of bad weather.

Nygårdsparken used to be a park with a very sketchy area, but has seemed taimer lately (last year the police made part of it inaccessible to prevent common illegal activities). Perhaps current students can comment more on this?


Academic Institutions in Bergen

Or, maybe you can’t focus on anything but school right now, if so, take a peek at Study Bergen’s handy map of academic institutions.




Wanna know how to get yourself to all these places?

Take a peek at my blog “Getting around in Bergen“, for information featuring transit from Bybanen, to Skyss, to Ulriksbanen and more!



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