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Getting here January 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time to welcome new students, “Hei hei and velkommen til Bergen!!” And time to make a post about how the heck you get into the Sentrum (city center) on your first day in Bergen. It is totally normal to want to know what to expect when moving to a brand new city. Not to worry, getting into town is very doable!


Don’t wander the streets of Bergen, lost… read this blog, or ask a stranger for directions, they tend to speak excellent English. Photo: Stand Hiestand


OMG, I’m coming to Bergen! Now, how the hell do I get into town?

Et veldig godt spørsmål (a very good question). Of course you want to be sure to:

There are instructions offered in the attachments section of the Arrival and Directions page (scroll all the way to the bottom). But if you want an overview on getting here from the airport, here it is:


1. Get here on a plane.

This part is up to you; you’re so on top of it, you probably already have your ticket!

On your way out of the airport, you may want to grab some cash at an ATM, and maybe even buy a little something (yes, it will seem overpriced) so you can have some change (10 krone increments) for a luggage locker later.




2. Get your luggage and get yourself on a Flybussen

Flybussen. It’s the airport bus.

A) There are generally several Flybusser (airport buses) lined up at the airport as you walk out of ‘Arrivals’, get on in the one on the right-hand side (it’s going into the Sentrum). You can always ask if you’re not sure which one to get on!

B) Have luggage? You’re gonna wanna get off at Busstasjonen (the bus station). The bus station shares space with a mall called Bergen Storsenter, and therefore the Flybussen stop is called Bergen Storsenter.

C) Let the driver know what stop you want (Bergen Busstasjon/Bergen Storsenter- or just the central bus station) and (s)he will tell you when you’ve arrived there.




Flybussen tickets:

  • You can buy your Flybussen ticket on the bus (but you need cash or a credit card with a chip and a pin code).
  • You can buy it ahead of time online (link in next section) and print it or have it on your phone.
  • Or, you can use the ticket app, ‘Flybussen Bergen billett’ App (from the iTunes AppStore or Google play), if you are confident you’ll have data. I’d still recommend buying the App ticket ahead of time (you can buy tickets on the App whenever you want, then activate them shortly before boarding). There is Wifi on the Flybussen, but I wouldn’t rely on it for activating your ticket.

Flybussen runs regularly, but you can micromanage your schedule here:

When you’re on the Flybussen sites above the following may be helpful:
City: Bergen
Route: Bergen Sentrum – Bergen Lufthaven
Direction: From Airport
Bus stop: Bergen Storsenter


Screenshot from mobile site for


3. Drop your luggage at Busstasjonen (the bus station)

Ok, the bus driver told you to get out. You are now abandoned on a street corner next to a large yellow building, what now?


25_1638088406_xlFlybussen drops you off on the side of Storsenter (near the yellow cab in this photo). Image:


Some views of Storsenter and its parking structure, under which is the ‘bus station’ (really more of a bus terminal). Photos: Stand Hiestand


Views of where the Flybussen lets you out at Storsenter/the Bus Station. You will be let off near the side entrance of Storsenter (shown in the next set of photos). Photo: Stand Hiestand


A) Enter the Storsenter (the shopping center that’s attached to the bus station), get on in there!

imageHere’s the side entrance to the Storsenter (top), you can enter here (bottom left is the view as the sliding doors open), taking a left (at the shopping woman poster shown in the bottom left photo), you’ll find the corridor pictured (bottom right), this leads into the mall. Photos: Stand Hiestand


B) Buy something to get change if you haven’t already

Or, see if they can break your Norwegian cash (kroner, or kr) at the information desk. There are many stores including fast food restaurants, a coffee shop, and a couple grocery stores inside the Storsenter.


Mall interior (top), red outlined arrow shows the direction to walk for the Information Desk, green arrow shows the direction to walk for the lockers, view towards the hallway where the lockers are (bottom left), a couple folks walking towards the lockers (bottom right). Photos: Stand Hiestand


imageHead past the Burger King to seek out the Information Desk. Photo: Stand Hiestand


Information Desk within Storsenter! Photo: Stand Hiestand


C) Put your luggage in the lockers

…that are down the long hallway that extends from the main entrance of Storsenter (hallway pictured below). Keep in mind the lockers may not be able to accommodate very oversized luggage.


imageA couple of views of the lockers (top) and the hallway in which they live (bottom) within the Bus Station/Storsenter. Photos: Stand Hiestand


4. Walk to the Student Center/SiB Housing Desk

It’s only a 10 minute walk, but be warned, this walk is up a pretty sizable hill, it is likely you will not want to be overburdened with luggage to carry (see Step #3).

The image below shows the UiB’s instructions for getting from Storsenter to the Student Centre. If you’d rather have a slightly longer but maybe just slightly less hilly version, you could walk this way (to be frank, though, it’s all going to be hilly).



Image: Directions to the student centre PDF 

Once you arrive at the Student Centre, the SiB Student Housing Desk is straight in front of you as you walk inside. Take a number and wait to talk to a representative.

On your journey to collect keys for your new student housing, remember these important details:

SiB’s Student Housing Desk is located in the Student Centre (Parkveien 1). If you have specific questions about student housing you can get their contact information here.

Student Centre Address:
Parkveien 1
5007 Bergen

The Student Housing desk for SiB is open the following extended hours in January.
  • Monday the 2nd of January: 08-20
  • Tuesday the 3rd of January: 08-20
  • Wednesday the 4th of January: 08-20
  • Thursday the 5th of January: 08-20
  • And thereafter, it is open normal open hours, Monday – Friday 08-15:30.


 Student Centre. Image:


5. Head to your new home

Are you at Fantoft? You’re probably at Fantoft. Check out the directions to Fantoft here. If you happen to be at the Alrek student housing instead, click here for instructions. If you are housed elsewhere, or if don’t feel clear about some aspect of the directions, you can ask for directions at the SiB Housing desk when you pick up your keys.

Make sure to read the UiB Arrivals Page thoroughly for information that may apply to important dates for you know know about, and information about getting around town.


Exploring the city? On your way up to Fløyen, stop and enjoy the reflecting pool at Skansen. Photo: Stand Hiestand


Curious to see the Student Centre and some of the faculties of UiB before you arrive? Take a look in this video made by UiB:

Welcome to UiB! Are you a new student coming to Bergen in January who wants advice about student life? Ask me questions by commenting below!

10 comments for “Getting here January 2017

  1. Nazanin
    9. December 2016 at 10:03

    Hi ! You can not guess how thankfull I am after reading these information!
    That is a big big help for me who is going to start the new semester in dental faculty in januar.
    Can you speak norwegian btw? Er du norsk?

    • Stand Hiestand
      14. December 2016 at 15:50

      You’re so welcome, I am glad that the information is helpful! Welcome to Bergen in January! Hope you enjoy studying here 🙂
      I am not Norwegian, no. I’m from Seattle. Jeg snakker bare litt (dårlig) Norsk.

  2. Femke
    27. December 2016 at 12:58

    Hi! Thank you very much for this useful information!
    Is there anyone who has a solution for the people who have such oversized luggage you are talking about? 😉
    Thanks in advance!

    • Stand Hiestand
      27. December 2016 at 17:27

      You’re so welcome! I hope the information will be helpful for you 🙂
      I just rolled my most oversized bag up the hill with me, everything else I had fit in a locker. The lockers aren’t tiny, they just aren’t enormous, either. You might make sure you have enough coins for at least 2 lockers, because if you have many bags you may need more than one. Good luck!

  3. thomas
    27. December 2016 at 19:22

    hello there can someone please tell me when is your next admission for Masters program in System Dynamics? I really really really want to come and study in Norway

    • Stand Hiestand
      28. December 2016 at 20:34

      I would check the webpage for the System Dynamics programme you are interested in and perhaps even try writing an email to them if necessary in order to be sure. However, generally you must apply as an international student in December. You can also check the Education webpages to look for application deadlines.

  4. Julio Navarro
    26. February 2017 at 01:29

    Hi, Stand Hiestand,

    I am Julio from Mexico and I want to make an international stay at Bergen auniversity, I have some questions and I would like you to help me (if possible and if you want to do so), but I don’t know how would that be possible, so I sent you a Facebook friend Request. It is not about the admission process so could you please accept me so I can explain you.

    Thank you.

    Julio Navarro

    • Stand Hiestand
      9. March 2017 at 09:52

      Hei hei Julio!
      As I’m a student myself my resources for assisting with coming to the University of Bergen are somewhat limited. I have tried to put together as much helpful information as possible in my blog, and I hope it is useful for you. If you have questions you are very welcome to ask them here. I wish you the very best in coming to UiB and in all of your future academic ventures!

  5. Christina
    29. March 2017 at 15:02

    stupid question here: what happens to luggage? Do we have to pick it up later on the way to the house? If so, why even put it in the locker?

    • Stand Hiestand
      30. March 2017 at 13:29

      Hi there! Not a stupid question at all. Yes, you would pick up the luggage later on — as you head over to the student housing. Of course it isn’t necessary to put it in the locker, you can bring it with you. However, if you have a lot of heavy luggage and will be staying at student housing that isn’t in the Sentrum (most of the housing, including Fantoft and Alrek isn’t directly in the center of town), then you will have to come back to or near to the bus station anyway. So, if you put your horribly heavy luggage in the locker, you save yourself the sweat and effort of lugging it up a hill to get to the student centre (this is a 10 minute walk, with a large amount of the walk headed uphill). But of course it is entirely your choice! I found it helpful to leave some stuff in the locker, but I was coming for two years and had a lot of luggage! Hope that helps explain 🙂

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