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There are many opportunities to come study at the University of Bergen as an international student. One avenue through which a future international student might join us here at UiB is through the Grieg Academy. The Grieg Academy, part of UiB’s faculty of Humanities spans arts as well as sciences. It offers a wide range of academics including full programmes, short term programmes and opportunities through the Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies. Full programs include Bachelors, Masters and PhDs in performance for international students, additionally there are exchange programs through NordPlus and Erasmus programmes in addition to arranged exchanges from the USA, Japan and several other countries.




The Grieg Academy offers Bachelors and Masters Programmes in classic or jazz music performance or composition, a 5-year integrated Master`s degree in Music Therapy, or a Teaching Certificate in Music Performance. The Bachelors Programmes in performance or composition are in Norwegian, and international students must prove their Norwegian language abilities.  The Masters in performance or composition are in English, non-native English speakers will have to provide documentation on their level of the language.





The Music Performance Programs are in the styles of jazz or classical and are artistically advanced. Grieg Academy also works in cooperation with Ole Bull Akademiet (Voss), which offers Norwegian folk music studies.

Composition Programmes use an experimental and contemporary approach within European kunstmusikk (art music).

Music Therapy is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the relationship between music, society health and development and the individual.  It combines musicology, pedagogy, medicine and the social sciences.

Music Pedagogy explores the connection between creativity and pedagogy and emphasizes such important research as how learning of music occurs.



Photo: Sandra Jecmenica Copyright: HF-fakultetet


Additionally, the Grieg Academy offers a One-year Programme for international students in performance or composition which aims to educate musicians or composers who wish to pursue a career or go on to study at the Bachelors or Masters level. This programme is designed to accomodate international students currently residing outside Norway who are not eligible for existing exchange programmes. The programme is open for classical and jazz musicians.



Photo:  Sandra Jecmenica Copyright: HF_Fakultetet

6 comments for “Grieg Academy

  1. Md.Mujahidul Islam
    24. May 2015 at 08:34

    Hi i am Md.Mujahidul Islam from Malaysia but i am Bangladeshi I want to take admission of Berger university in Post graduate degree in Economics or MBA.
    Would you please inform me all requirements. How much bank statement is needed?

  2. Joe
    18. June 2015 at 13:18

    Hi khi005,
    Really interested in Greig but don’t play any instruments. Will there be concerts e.c.t. that I can go along to?

  3. Remo
    24. June 2015 at 13:29

    Hi, I’m interested in jazz studies at Grieg Academy and I would kindly like to ask if there is a possibility of organizing jazz gigs in the city while being a student. I’m also wondering if these gigs are paid and if there are any chances to earn some money playing gigs for international students while studying.

    Thanks a lot !

    • Stand Hiestand
      25. June 2015 at 10:25

      Thanks for your comment, and I wish you the best with your studies. I know there’s a lot going on in Bergen in terms of shows, but I’m afraid information about how to go about organizing gigs and if they’re paying is outside the scope of my knowledge-base. I can only hope when you find out that you’ll share it with us in a blog interview for other students who have similar interests! You may want to start by contacting music-related student organizations. Also, if any students reading this have suggestions, please weigh in by commenting! Good luck!

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