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“Ha det blog” farewell blog

I have gotten some recent news – I was offered a stipend in order to become a research fellow/PhD candidate at UiB. I am absolutely thrilled and I look forward to the project very much. Sadly, it also means I must say “ha det, blog” (thanks to my friend Lynn for that perfect title!)¬† or “goodbye, blog”, which I am decidedly less thrilled about. For my last post, I will try to compile for you the ultimate international blog list – an index covering the breadth of subjects I’ve tackled with links to the posts. I am hoping this will allow you to search for nearly anything your heart might desire – related to student life in Bergen. I even updated some links for you within the posts, but I couldn’t get to all of them so consider dead links an opportunity for a google adventure ūüėČ

Considering studying in Bergen?


We’re in the brown! Image:

Get an idea of what some of the faculties are like at UiB:


Humanities Faculty. Photo: Stand Hiestand

Meet some students

I know when I was thinking about coming to UiB I really wanted to talk to someone who was already attending. Well, here’s the next best thing:


Hiking at L√łvstakken, with Brann Bergen Stadion in background. Photo provided by Maurice Mugabowagahunde.

Preparing to come to study in Bergen



Arriving and getting settled


Welcome to Bergen. Photo: Stand Hiestand

Student & Community Organizations



In Bergen

Festivals and Events

For a more expanded exploration of festivals and events in Bergen check out some of these posts:











Sports & outdoors





While the ER was good to me, I recommend being careful so you don’t have to go ūüėČ Photo: Stand Hiestand



Man, Lofoten is beautiful. Photo: Stand Hiestand

Past events



By BNO, Photography: Magnus Skrede



A big thanks from this happy bloggerino. Photo: Grim Hiestand

I am so grateful for the three+ years I have gotten to write this blog. This has been an amazing experience, and I will dearly miss it! I won’t be monitoring comments anymore, but I wish everyone the absolute best with their study abroad experience in Bergen!

Thanks for reading, and all the best,


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