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Impending Introductory Programme (Autumn 2015)

Hei hei everybody (if you haven’t arrived yet, “hei” is “hi” in Norsk, and Norwegians often double it up, this is appealingly warm and friendly to me, so I have adopted it wholeheartedly)! The Autumn 2015 Introductory Programme is coming up quickly (starting on Thursday 6 August)! So, today I thought I’d offer a brief Introductory Programme related post.


Eivind Senneset, Photographer


I got a comment recently from a student unsure if he could attend, asking if it is skippable, and I’d like to both assure anyone who absolutely can’t come that it will work out (just follow the instructions on late arrival), but also encourage everyone who can make it to come with the following:


3 Good Reasons to Attend the Autumn 2015 Introductory Programme


1. Practicalities

Look, we all know that often practicalities at best are tedious, and at worst can be confusing, time-consuming, and seem overwhelming. The Introductory Programme makes it easier to navigate these. They offer clear instructions for what you have to do, as well as when and how to do it. You can get this information from your “Welcome Envelope” (passed out the first day of the Introductory Programme or picked up later if you’re arriving late) and “Semester Start Brochure” and, if you want to get a feel for the flavor of the programme, you can check out my past blog “Introducing the Introductory Programme“. However, by missing the programme itself, you miss a valuable opportunity to ask questions, as well as hear other students’ questions, comments, and concerns.


Eivind Senneset, Photographer

2. Culture

If you attend the Introductory Programme, you get to learn about Norway and Norwegians through some of the fine presentations offered. The “Meeting the Locals” presentation was one of my favorites, I even went again for the Spring Introductory Programme last year and wrote about it in this, “Meeting the Locals” post. The “Understanding Norway (and Bergen): a Historical Perspective” also sounds quite intriguing. Maybe I’ll sneak in this time!

Culture is a huge part of living in a different country from your own. Attending these offerings at the Introductory Programme may help prevent some culture shocks, or create a curiosity within you to learn more and seek out specific adventures during your time in Bergen!



Norwegians: born with Skis on their feet? Image:

3. Meet Friends

Not only is the Introductory Programme a great time to start mingling with your fellow students, it provides introductions to student organizations such as the International Student Union, the Erasmus Student Network and the Student Parliament.  Getting acquainted with these and other organizations and attending their events is another excellent way to find your new, Bergen-friends.


Meet new people at the Introductory Programme!  Eivind Senneset, Photographer



Student Organizations may offer opportunities for new friends and sports. Eivind Senneset, Photographer

And, bonus (should we call it #4?), remember there is a free for new incoming International Students lunch the first day of the programme!

Convinced to attend? Check out the Introductory Programme page here.



Getting to the Introductory Programme:

Okay, you’ve decided to attend, that’s great! Now, where is this Introductory Programme and how do you get there? The answer to this depends on the day, you can find information for each day on the Introductory Programme page. But, most important is getting to the opening sessions, where you can always ask for where to go for future programme events.

Opening Sessions for New International Students

Location: The Faculty of Law (#44 on the Campus Map)




Directions: Check out detailed directions for getting to the Faculty of Law here.




By the way guys, I’m gonna be at the first day’s session to briefly say hello! If you have a burning question about:

My experience arriving in Bergen and starting at UiB, tips on specific topics about coming here, my impressions of Norway/Norwegians, and anything about the weather here in Bergen…

Quick! Comment below and ask me!  If I get it in time I may be able to address it in person.


4 comments for “Impending Introductory Programme (Autumn 2015)

  1. Clerve Amankwah
    2. August 2015 at 17:29

    please how do I apply as an undergraduate to the medical school

  2. Justine Japhet
    4. August 2015 at 06:13

    Hii!!! My name is Justine Japhet, am a Tanzanian I would like to ask you….can I apply for the bachelor of science in Nursing (BSCN) under quota scheme schollarship? so as my dream can come true because my dream is to become a professional nurse. The only problem is financial assistance my family is very poor… coming from a poor family, my parents are peasants so they can not afford paying for my fees. please help me to attain my goals and objectives what can I do?

    • Stand Hiestand
      5. August 2015 at 00:12

      Hi Justine, I wish you the best with the pursuit of your dream to become a professional nurse. You can see if there is a way for you to apply via the quota scheme if you look at the website of the programme you’re interested in, or, my blog on “Admissions, Programmes, and Financing” may be useful for you. I truly wish you the very best! Good luck!

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