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Listen up: Student radio

International students at UiB may not be as aware that we have a student radio station on campus. The student radio offers another great opportunity to engage with the student culture at UiB and the possibility of integrating further into Norwegian culture. The shows are primarily in Norwegian, which is great if you are trying to learn the language or get more familiar with Norwegian-ness!





Bergen Student Radio strives to set itself apart from commercial and state-run radio channels.

Founded in 1982 and currently run by ~ 160 student volunteers, Bergen Student Radio is the oldest local radio in Bergen. Bergen Student Radio broadcasts daily live shows 7.00-14.00 and a mix of live shows, podcasts, and replayed shows starting at 21.00 each evening. You can check out their schedule here.

Listen to Bergen Student Radio’s commercial-free broadcast online here, stream and download podcasts here, or tune in on the radio at FM 96.4, FM 106.1 and FM 107.8.



One of the many offerings of Bergen Student Radio. Photo:

English-Language Content

Bergen Student Radio currently has an English-language program from Australian Andrew Rhodes (radio broadcaster since 2008) and Margrethe Vikan Sæbø called Blah Blah Woof Woof. Together they share music from Australia and the rest of the world that goes beyond ordinary dance music. Blah Blah Woof Woof broadcasts Fridays from 21.00-23.00.

Read about Blah Blah Woof Woof attending local band Kakkmaddafakka’s concert here.




Were you hoping for more content in your native language?

Why not produce some yourself? While most volunteers speak Norwegian, Student Radio welcomes international students to apply at the beginning of the semester. You can join the Student Radio and apply to create your own contributions.



Too shy? Don’t wanna host?

If you want media experience in other arenas, there are many volunteer positions at Bergen Student Radio. Positions include technication, app developers, web designers, photographers, graphic artists, illustrators, and much more. The full list is at the same link as the application (but be prepared with google translate).


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