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Long awaited sports (well… football) post

Here it is sports fans, the sports post! A long time coming, I’m sorry. I also have to admit that, while I used to play football (of course we called it soccer because we are heathens), basketball, and softball (boo on not being allowed to play baseball), I am not much of a, as I like to joke, “sportsball” fan. I would rather play than watch, definitely. I am experimenting more with sports, Seattle has a huge fan-base for its FC, The Sounders; and I have enjoyed a few games at the stadium. I have also allowed my more sporty friends to subject (I mean expose) me to American football, hockey, and World Cup Soccer on TV. So, excuse my ignorance, please, and comment below if you have helpful knowledge of sportiness (or just footballness – as that’s what this post focuses on) in Bergen.


SoundersFans2My fellow-Seattlites cheering for the home team. Image:

Sports-pertunities for playing football

My patient (I hope) commentor is a huge fan of football and asked about playing football with a group or team, so let’s start with ways students can play soccer. As I mentioned in my last post, Study Bergen (Utdanning i Bergen) offers a page of student organizations by type, including sports. There are several categories of organization within which one can search for ways to get involved with sports. One of these is BSI (translates to Bergen College Sports), searching BSI’s offerings is a great way to look for football and other sport options.



Bergen Studentidrettslag (BSI) Logo. Image:

Bergen Studentidrettslag (BSI)

BSI (translates to Bergen College Sports), a sports organization with about 2,400 members, is open to all students in Bergen. Keep in mind, though, that some of these may be Norwegian-speaking teams. BSI offers a wide variety of sports including Handball, Volleyball, Lacrosse,  Rugby, Sailing and more!

BSI Women’s Football

The BSI Ladies Football team trains twice weekly (Tuesdays 20.30-22.00 and Thursdays 16.00-17.30), plays league matches, as well as socializing as a team. Interested in playing? You can check out their blog, BSI jentefotball or join their Facebook group BSI jentefotball.




BSI Men’s Football

Trains three times weekly (Mondays/Thursdays 15.00-16.00, Fridays 16.00-17.30) and plays about one match per week. To join, you have to be a member of SiB (kr 990/semester) and BSI men’s football, click here for the additional cost of joining the men’s team and more details. All skill levels accepted. Email them with questions at or join their Facebook page, “BSI Men’s football“.

2014-10-13 23.36.05I couldn’t find any accessible pictures of the BSI men’s teams except on the women’s blog. Image:


Høgskolen i Bergen Idrettslag (HiBI)

Bergen University College Sports Teams (HibI) is another organization that offers sports and activities. Although all students can join, it is focused primarily on Hib-students (Bergen University College students). They also offer men’s football and women’s football, as well as other sports. Check out HibI’s webpage here.

Juristforeningens studentidrettslag (JIL)

Studying law? You can join a sports organization, Juristforeningens studentidrettslag (Jurist Association’s student sports clubs), with your fellow law students! Although, I don’t see information about the sports groups up on their page yet, you can explore their site here, and email to ask about their sports groups at

NHH Idrettsforening (NHHI)

The Students’ Association of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHHS) also offers sports organizations to its students and others studying in Bergen. Check out their offerings here.


Or just sit back and watch…

Or if you’re more of a mind to cheer from the stands, you can always check out Bergen’s local team, Brann (Fire) in person on on television!


stadionbynight_h0e98230gevt1ahf1mqhz3brfBrann Stadion (it has its own stop on the Bybane, check it out!) Image:

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