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Loppemarked (Flea Markets) and Beyond

When you are a student, it helps to know where to look for the good deals. Sure, Ikea is every student’s friend, but if you’re willing to shop second hand, you may find even better prices. Spring time is a great time for flea markets. There are several Bergen options so find one and start shopping, or maybe even sell off some of those items with which you’re ready to part – spring cleaning style!






Sundays, 12.00-17.00 in the parking lot outside Bergen Coffee Roasting Company in Møhlenpris. Head down to check out the offerings or feel free to join if you want to sell used items, art or crafts.  There’s space for ~100 flea market sellers.

You can check out Bergensmarkedet Facebook Page here.




There are also private garage sales and non-repeating events occurring periodically:

One place to check for loppemarked events (flea markets) is the facebook group Loppemarkeder i Bergen, you can check there to look for anything else coming up in the world of flea markets, garage sales and swap parties.





Can’t wait for market day?

You can also look for deals or donate items at your local Fretex, a shop offering used clothing and goods, as well as promoting an environmental and social service agenda.

Or shop from home from the Norwegian equivalent of Craig’s list, may be able to link you up with someone selling the very item you need!



So get out there and nab some great deals, or simplify your life and clean out your closet. Either way, you can take advantage of the Flea Market options that abound in Bergen in springtime.

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  1. Ronny Tuan
    14. June 2017 at 08:55

    Hello,I am a 24 year old student from Vietnam pursuing my masters degree in business studies in Bergen and i am looking for volunteer job to interact with local Norwegian people to learn about the culture and the language,if you have any infomation on where or who I should contact,i will really be in debt with you,Thank you n am looking forward to your reply.
    Phan Tuan

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