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Missed the Student Organization Open House? Not to Worry!

Even if you missed the chance to go ‘meet the student organizations’ in person yesterday (16 August), you can still participate in a student org. It is a great way to start building your Bergen-community. There is such a variety of options, that you are bound to find one that is right for you:

bsi-friluft3Join your fellow-outdoorsy students in the wild. Image:


What types of student organizations are out there?
All types! Organizations feature such diverse topics as:


timthumbStudvest, the student newspaper, is one of many student organizations you can join! Image:



Organizations connected to Kvarteret:

Kvarteret, if you haven’t already found out, is Bergen’s student-run student cultural center. It has a cafe, a multitude of event spaces, and a bar. Opportunities abound for student-involvement in Kvarteret and organizations that help keep Kvareret running smoothly.

One example, Aktive Studenters Forening (Active Student’s Association or ASF), is a student group of around 60 members that hosts different genres of music events at Det Akademiske Kvarter. ASF organizes large concerts, jazz, hardcore, and DJs. All students, including international students, are welcome to join. If you’re interested in joining ASF, you can talk to them at the Student Organizations stands on Tuesday, contact them via email, or check out their webpage.


Remember, in addition to student orgs, you can evenvolunteer to work at Kvartet itself (such as doing IT, cooking, bartending, etc) – which I attempted to do at one point (I’m a fan of their “Mikromandag” (Micro-Monday) where on Mondays they discount their micro-brews 17.00 till 1.00).

You can also join one of the many other student organizations involved in putting on events at Kvartet, for example:



 Other Organization Options:

Looking for options outside of Kvarteret? There are plenty of those as well!

historieradioPassionate student radio-personalities. Image:

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