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I’ve had a couple of recent inquiries in the comments regarding cell phones, SIM-cards, and Internet in Norway. Today I’ll address all things cell phone – so get ready to make some calls. And, stay tuned for information about the Internet, coming soon in a future blog!



Where do you buy a SIM-card/get a cell phone plan?

There are a number of retailers that provide cell phone plans (Abonnement) and prepaid services (Kontantkort), all of which offer SIM-cards. You can head to the websites or to the storefronts of any of these. Most likely it will be fastest if you go in person, although it may be possible to order a SIM-card online and pick it up at a store with some carriers (MyCall, potentially). A few of the common providers are discussed below. For a list of other carriers, check here. If other students want to weigh in with their experiences and recommendations with cellphone plans, please comment below!



A SIM-card for MyCall can be purchased at a number of different grocery stores (like Rimi, Kiwi, Rema 1000, and Meny) and shops (such as Narvesen and 7-Eleven), these are all over Bergen and indeed all over Norway. Click here for a list of all the different stores where Mycall SIMs can be purchased.





Telia has many locations throughout Norway  – a few that may be helpful to know about in the Bergen area include the following.

Bergen Sentrum (in the center of the city):

Telia Torgallmennigen
Hours: 9-21 (Sat 9-18)
Torgallmenningen 8 5014 Bergen

Telia Bergen Storsenter
Hours: 9-21 (Sat 9-18)
Strømsgaten 8 5015 Bergen

Outside the Center:

Telia Lagunen
Hours: 10-21 (Sat 10-18)
Laguneveien 1 5239 Rådal



Telia used to be called Netcom. Image:


Telenor also has many locations throughout Norway.

Here are some in Bergen Sentrum:

Telenor shop Bergen Storsenter
Hours: 9-21 (Sat 9-18)
Bergen Storsenter
Strømgaten 8 5015

Telenor shop Galleriet
Hours: 9-21 (Sat 9-18)
Galleriet Torgallmenningen 8 5014

Outside the Center:
Telenor shop Sletten Senter
Hours: 10 to 20 (Sat 10-18)
Vilhelm Bjerknesv 4 – 10 5081





What are the prices like?

The information below offers an idea of some of the prices for different prepaid and subscription cell phone plans available, there is more information on their websites, please click on the links for each carrier to see their full details.

Prepaid Prices:

MyCall: Prepaid prices within Norway 
Price plan MyCall-MyCall Other operators SMS in Norway International SMS MMS Data per MB Start-up fee
MyCall Ladekort 0,-* 0,49 0,49 0,49 0,99 1,99 0,99
Netcom: Prepaid prices within Norway 
Normal Calling Prices  Data Prices
Connection fee Price per minute nok 10 per MB
0,99 0,89 Max per day nok 10 up to 100MB – see site for more information.

Telenor: Prepaid  
Mobile Subscriptions Data Start Price Price per minute SMS MMS
For those who want to pay in advance
10, – pr. MB
From 0.39


Subscription Prices:

MyCall: Subscriptions
Value – price per month 99,- 199,- 299,- 349,-
EU + 9 countries 50 250 500 1000
Minutes in Norway 100 500 FREE FREE
Data 100MB 500MB 3G 5G


Telia: Subscriptions
Smart Mini Smart Basis Smart Plus Smart Super
Monthly prices 249,- 299,- 399,- 499,-
Price per min. Free use Free use Free use Free use
SMS  Free use Free use Free use Free use
MMS Free use Free use Free use Free use
Data included 1 GB 3 GB 6 GB 10 GB

Telenor: Subscriptions

Here’s a sample of some of the options for Regular Subscriptions:






Is it possible to get a subscription for a limited time (say, only 5 or 6 months)?

It may depend on the carrier in question if there are any limitations regarding time, but I’m seeing some resources indicating that if you have a Norwegian Personal Identification Number (PIN or personnummer) you can get a mobile phone subscription. Make sure you check with the carrier to determine how much notice you have to provide before ending the contract.



How long does it take to get a mobile number?

This is a great question, again it may depend on the specific carrier you choose and other extenuating circumstances, but in my experience (with Telenor), it was pretty quick; within a day.


Other things to know

  • Remind your loved-ones that, when dialing your Norwegian cell, they’ll have to use the country code +47 (or just use a free online calling method).
  • Outgoing international calls will need the prefix 00, make sure you know what charges will accrue from international calls for your plan.
  • Speaking of phones…  here are the Norwegian emergency numbers:

110: Fire brigade

112: Police

113: Ambulance



If you’re not from Europe:


downloadTYPE C EUROPEAN 2-PINImage:!c.htm

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