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Oh the people you’ll meet

In another attempt to immerse myself in student activities, I attended the kickoff event for ESN Bergen, ISU UIB: International Students Union of Bergen and Studentparlamentet UiB‘s International Days:  Speedfriending at Det Akademiske Kvarter Tuesday night, January 27th.




Speedfriending operated with similar rules to speed dating, one half of the group of students-ready-for-new-buddies gathered around tables adorned with cookies and pretzles moved one chair every 3 minutes, the other half stayed put.

It was a flurry of “Hello, my name is… what’s yours? And where are you from? And what are you studying?”, after an hour and a half, my voice was a little weary, but I felt glad to have met each person I was lucky enough to encounter. Although there were those common themes, “I’m from the USA, Seattle, WA – and you’re from where in Spain?”, “What brought you to Bergen?” “I love how close the mountains are, have you been hiking already?”, I was surprised to have had quite a few varied and intriguing conversations with truly lovely, lively and sweet students.





I asked students still engaged in conversations post speedfriending to volunteer for a moment in the video spotlight. Also, my Speedfriending friend Alice (who you’ll meet shortly) helped immensely to recruit some students to share a little bit about themselves and their Speedfriending experience. These are very short videos, even less time than you would have had with them had you attended speedfriending yourself. Please forgive the sound quality, people were still making friends after the event! Now, here’s your own mini Speedfriending experience:

Meet Rolf, 22 years old, from Amsterdam. He doesn’t yet know if he made friends from his Speedfriending experience, but that’s not all that counts…


Meet Alice from Australia, along with her friend Péter from Hungary, both studying law. Alice enjoyed the pretzels and met people from all over the world.


Meet Santi from Spain who thinks maybe he’ll be able to build some new friendships from the connections he made at speedfriending.


Meet Anaëlle and Natasha, both 19 years old and both from France, concerned they might not remember new people’s names, but happy to have met people or gotten to know students they’d already met even better.




Did you attend speedfriending and make a friend? Comment below. Did you miss speedfriending but you still want to find places to make friends?

Definitely go get a waffle at semesterets første vaffelfredag (semeter’s first waffleday) from 11:00 – 13:00 on Friday 30.01.2015 at Juridisk Studentutvalg i Bergen (JSU Bergen, Magnus Lagabøtes Plass 1, 5010), the Law School.

You could meet fellow students at Club Alrek (Alrek is one of several student housing options in Bergen), Friday January 30th starting at 19:00 and going late.

How about making friends and swaping stuff simultaneously!? Byttefest, a swap party at Hulen arranged by Framtiden i Våre Hender (Future in Our Hands) is this Saturday, January 31st.

Or you could attend Studentkampen våren 2015 (the Studentfight), also this Saturday the 31st, at Kvarteret. This is a competition where a few chosen student organizations each try to create the coolest bar with the coolest theme: there will be 9 rooms with 9 unique themes designed by 9 organizations! 50 kroner, doors at 21:00.


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