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Parental Visits

Recently a student asked for information on how and where to accommodate parents when they come and visit in Bergen. So, today’s post will focus on parental visits. Anyone who’s parents have already come for a visit, feel free to weigh in with your advice in the comment section.


IMG_2932_217th of May, a great time to visit Bergen. Photo: Stand Hiestand


Getting into town:

You all probably remember how to get the Flybuss into town from your own journeys and from the post “Incoming! Getting into town“, but just in case you need to copy and paste information for your parents:

Timetable for Flybussen (You can buy your ticket ahead of time here).

When on the Flybussen sites above the following may be helpful:
City: Bergen
Route: Bergen Sentrum – Bergen Lufthaven
Direction: From Airport
Bus stop: *This will depend on where your parents are staying, but they can let the bus driver know which stop they need and the driver will tell them when they arrive.

Remember there is also a Flybuss App that tech savvy parents can use to buy their Flybuss tickets with wifi or data on their phones.


imageImage: Flybussen App

Update: Now you can take the bybane all the way from the airport to byparken! A longer ride but a cheaper option. You can use the Skyss travel planner to find out when the train runs. The airport stop is called: Bergen lufthavn Flesland (Bergen).


Yes, there are many hotels in Bergen, and certainly during off peak times they may be more reasonably priced. When my parents came to visit, I looked around and the least expensive options were all on Airbnb (plus Airbnb options generally have kitchen access, allowing for the opportunity to save money by cooking meals in). Or you could take a look for hotels and alternate options here. If any other students have recommendations for other accommodation options, please let us know below!




What to do:

Here’s a brief list of suggestions for parent-friendly activities:

  • Kode, the art museum. (Thursdays are free for students, if you want to join the parental excursion! Read more about Kode in “Kode at last.”).
  • The Leprosy Museum. (Lots of reading, but very interesting if you like medical history.)


imageAn image of a woman with leprosy from the museum. Photo: Stand Hiestand

IMG_6643Fantoft Stave Kirke. Photo: Stand Hiestand

IMG_5035Or do a day trip and find Borgund Stave Kirke. (Out near Flåm)  Photo: Stand Hiestand



  • Up for a long boat ride? Head from Bergen to Aurland/Flåm through some scenic fjords using Norled’s ferry service. As the one-way trip is over 5 hours through Sognefjord it would likely need at least an overnight.
  • Make sure to be on the look out for any cultural events while your parents visit. When mine came to town in May, they were in town during Norwegian Constitution Day (17 May), so of course I had to take them to the parade!


IMG_2921My parents at the parade. Yes, it rained. Photo: Stand Hiestand



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  1. Eric
    29. August 2015 at 22:03

    Thank you, Stand! 🙂

    • Stand Hiestand
      30. August 2015 at 01:36

      Most welcome, thanks for your question! Hope the post helps 🙂 And hope your parents and you have a great visit in Bergen!

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