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Recovering from 17 Mai with Ylvis

A belated gratulerer med dagen to everyone!  Hope you all had a fabulous 17 Mai, a day so festive google drew it a picture.



Even my hometown, Seattle also tried to tip its hat (so to speak) to Norway’s Constitution Day

paradePhoto: (As you can see, my people not quite the snappy dressers the native Norwegians are when it comes to the 17th).


How did you celebrate the day? Did you enjoy some traditional Norwegian customs: a champagne breakfast, rommegrot with cured meats, a parade full of bunads and other snazzily dressed folk, and maybe some music? (Please feel free to comment below and share your experiences!)


If you missed the parade, here’s a quick peek.

You may have noticed a number of bands playing in celebration of Norway’s National Day.

Or maybe you headed out to see one band in particular…

Perhaps the most popular (at least among the younger attendees) of the groups to play was Ylvis, a local Bergen comedy duo turned international comedy-band sensation.  They played a short set on Sunday as part of the 17 Mai festivities. Ylvis, who debuted in 2000, are currently the hosts of a Norwegian television show called  I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis). They have performed internationally in a number of genres including television, radio, music videos, variety shows and comedy concerts.


Ylvis’s ‘created to fail’ viral video hit, “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” launched their international fame.

Yes, that was quirky, and maybe even charming. But, their comedy work is downright genius. Take a look at their ‘Intelevator’, the intelligent elevator here. 

Easing back into your normal life with Ylvis

17 Mai was a long, full day replete with celebrating, and it topped off a long full weekend (or if you are a russ, maybe a bit more).  So it may be necessary to recover and ease yourself back into school-mode, where you are no doubt facing final projects and examinations.

Ease on in to school’s final stretch with a short break and check out Ylvis’s facebook here. Or, take a look at their website. Spend some time with Ylvis on their youtube channel before launching into preparing for more exams.  May you rock your exams as hard as Ylvis are rocking this jackets:

pR8dPpMuPRxxaXKBEudlkgvumxnmjqjeHsTzI1JfQrRgPhoto: Roy Bjørge

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