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Hello new International Students! Welcome!

I’m feeling like a jerk because I’d long ago promised a post on sports to an incoming student who left a comment requesting it. Although I’ve continually been trying to “post the sports”, other time-sensitive topics kept coming up. I was determined for sports-post to be this post, but the upcoming “Student Organizations on stands” (we’d probably call it an ‘open house’ in the US, but because there will be stands where you can chat with all the different organizations this title is extremely logical) has pushed the sports post back again – sorry!

However, don’t be too disappointed, sports-commentor, there are TWENTY-SIX sports-related options available from Bergen College Sports – or BSI (of course some of these may be Norwegian speaking), and you can ask BSI all about them in person at the Student Organization open house. (And I promise to do an all-sports post this week, I swear!)

From media, to politics, to pubs, to music, to sports, to international groups, there are all types of student organizations to join. You can take a look at the full selection of clubs that accept international students and have English-language events here.


Photo: Studvest, the student newspaper, is one of many student organizations you can join! Image:


In order to whet your palate, I’ll highlight a club today called ASF. But there are so many available, make sure you check out:

Student Organizations on stands

Tuesday 11 August
At the Student Centre (Parkveien 1, or #14 on the campus map) – you remember, it’s where you went to pick up your SiB (student housing) keys!


Eivind Senneset, PhotographerEivind Senneset, Photographer


ASF (Aktive Studenters Forening)

Aktive Studenters Forening (Active Student’s Association) is a student group of around 60 members that hosts different genres of music events at Kvarteret including large concerts, jazz, hardcore, and DJs. All students, including international students, are welcome to join.





So, ASF hosts music events at Kvarteret – what’s Kvarteret you ask?

Kvarteret (the Quarter) or Det Akademiske Kvarter (the Academic Quarter) is Bergen’s student-run student cultural center (opened in 1995 by Crown Prince Haakon). Kvartet hosts over 1500 events per year, accommodating around 250,000 annually, students and general public alike. Take a look at Kvartet’s website here. I’m a fan of their “Mikromandag” (Micro-Monday) where from 17.00 till 1.00 they serve discounted micro-brews, although I haven’t often been able to attend, I got excited about it in this post.






Remember there are lots of ways to get involved, including volunteering to work at Kvartet itself (such as doing IT, cooking, bartending, etc), or joining one of the many other student organizations involved in putting on events at Kvartet such as the Bergen Filmklubb (Bergen Film Society)Bergen Realistforening (Realist Association), and We Are Borg. So if you’re interested in music and film event planning, check out those in addition to ASF.

If you’re interested in joining ASF, you can talk to them at the Student Organizations stands on Tuesday, contact them via email, or check out their webpage.

New in town and looking for things to do? Try these resources.

Keep informed about possible events, follow the following groups on Facebook:


sp-logoHow many owls can we get on this post?! Two, I guess. Student Parliament logo. Image:


Take a look at my past post, “I’ve arrived in Bergen! Now what?

You may also want to keep your eye on the calendar for utdanningibergen (study Bergen), it’s full of student events!

4 comments for “Student Organizations Open House

  1. Eric
    10. August 2015 at 09:52

    At first, I have to say thank you Stand for writing this blog, because it helped me allot before I arrived here. (:
    I’m sorry posting this comment here, but I don’t know where to ask you else.
    So I wanted to know if you can make a post about the theme of how and where to accommodate my parents when there are coming to visit me. There many hotels, I know, but maybe you can recommend some cheap ones. Or I don’t know, if SiB has some rooms to rent for a few days. I’m also thinking of Airbnb. I will thank you in advance!

    • Stand Hiestand
      10. August 2015 at 12:06

      You’re so welcome, and thanks for your kind comment! You asked your question in exactly the right place 🙂

      I am more than happy to put domething together about hosting parents/less expensive options for where to stay, it may take a couple weeks though, hope they’re not coming right away! (If you cannot wait, I would definitely go in the direction of airbnb)!

      • Eric
        11. August 2015 at 15:34

        Thanks so far!
        They will be come in the middle of September. But I will wait eagerly for your post 🙂

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