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Study Break: BIFF

If this is your first autumn in Bergen, you may not know about the Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). It is one of the many annual activities that is worth pursuing. I’m a fan of film festivals, the opportunity for a vast selection of international films you might not otherwise get to see is too great to pass up. I went to several BIFF films last year (“Pride” was my favorite of those I saw), and I have worked for the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) several years and attended many more in the past. I certainly hope to get to at least a few of the BIFF films this year, if you have a recommendation for me, comment below (I love documentaries)!




If you’re sticking around, you might want to look into volunteering at BIFF next year in order to get access to free screenings, make friends, and help a Bergen institution run (I wanted to volunteer for BIFF myself this year, but between back injuries, theses, and travel it didn’t work out). In the meantime, you can check out some of the fine films coming soon to a theatre near you.



The Bergen International Film Festival starts tomorrow, 23 September 2015 and runs through 30 September. BIFF has run since 2000 and has the largest selection of films in festivals in Norway. BIFF shows films at multiple venues and offers a selection of international films in a number of different languages.


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BIFF Programme

There are several several programmes within BIFF including:

  • Checkpoints, featuring human rights documentaries.
  • International Documentary Program, an award goes to the best international documentary.
  • Norwegian Documentary Program, awards the best Norwegian documentary and the best Norwegian short documentary.
  • Norwegian Short Film Competition, filmmakers apply to be part of this programme of short films.

Check out the programme of films here.




Go watch those films

The majority of screenings are in the Sentrum at Bergen Kino’s Magnus Barfot cinema, other venues for screenings and or seminars include USF (Georgernes Verft 12, 5011 Bergen), Konsertpaleet KP1 (Neumannsgate 3, 5015 Bergen) and Det Akademiske Kvarter (Kvarteret) (Olav Kyrres gate 49, 5015 Bergen).

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