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Study Break: break for art

Ready to take a break from studying and engage in some of the cultural activities happening in Bergen? You may want to explore some of the performances happening as part of METEOR, an international theatre festival going on now (15 to 24 October 2015)!





Who makes METEOR happen?

BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen International Theatre), is a programming theatre, their artistic director invites select Norwegian and International companies to offer performances on BIT stages rather than BIT producing its own content. Bit co-produces many productions, especially focusing on those that cross genres and promote international cooperation. Much of their offerings are in English.

BIT Teatergarasjen
phone 55 23 22 35
Strandgaten 205, 5004 Bergen


1441865452457This past September BIT was seeking nude volunteers for a historic performance in Norway.



In addition to their standard programme, BIT curates two festivals, METEOR takes place every other year (biennial), so even if you’ve been in Bergen for awhile you may not have gotten to experience it yet (perhaps you did, however, experience their other biennial offering OKTOBERDANS).  OKTOBERDANS and METEOR switch off every year, so each October one or the other occurs. Internationally recognized and unique, they showcase and have helped promote the international recognition of Norwegian artists.


pieter-ampe-kA provocative image, and a fabulous beard.  Man Pieter Ampe performed as part of METEOR this year. Image:


METEOR, going on now, is 10 days long in total and contains ~50 events: over 20 productions, and over 15 exhibitions, including an academic program offering talks, seminars, book launches, as well as workshops. One of BIT’s representatives (listed on his email as: “Philosopher in Sales” a delightful title I have a feeling google translate created – I have it translating Norsk in my inbox), suggested some highlights including Jonathan Capdevielle and Munjaneza.

Student tickets:
The festival-pack “Festivalpakke” gets you 6 shows for 550,-. (You can even split it with a buddy and have a date for 3 shows). Ticket questions can be emailed to  The Box Office is open at USF Verftet  from 11:00 -16:00.


skjermbilde-2015-09-16-kl-123938 2Image:

A bit more about BIT


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