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Study Break: Pokémon GO… to Nordnes

Well, we’ve barely started classes, I think it’s time for a study break! Today I thought I’d make a post that is fun and frivolous. Some of you out there might be into Pokémon GO, and if so you may already know where to go in Bergen to catch ’em all. But, if you haven’t gotten into the game, you may want to add the app to your phone for some stress relief – and in order to feel like you are multitasking on your walks or bybane rides (remember to remain alert while playing!).

imageScreenshot of Pokémon GO

Never played? Check out a ‘How to’ below. Already a Pokémon Go Trainer but new to Bergen? Skip below to my recommendations of where to go for Pokémon go in Bergen.


How to Pokémon:

  1. Customize your Trainer. This consists of choosing an avatar, its apparel and accessories. You’ll see your trainer moving around on a map that appears when you open the App and if you win and control a Gym, other players visiting the Gym will see your character .
  2. Level-up as a Trainer by visiting PokéStops for supplies, and by catching, training, battling with, and evolving Pokémon. Reaching higher levels enables you to catch more powerful Pokémon to add to your Pokédex (the list of Pokémon you have caught out all all possible Pokémon), get better Pokéballs and other items.image
    Visiting a PokéStop. Screenshots of Pokémon GO
  3. As you roam, you can set your phone to vibrate to alert you to the presence of a Pokémon. Tapping on the Pokémon to face of with it, you will be given a Pokéball and a chance to toss it at the Pokémon – aim carefully, and try using a ‘curveball’, giving the Pokémon a raspberry in order to suck up to it, or using a better ball if you are at a high enough level (like a Great Ball or Ultra Ball), or it might escape your ball and flee! Some Pokémon appear in specific areas (such as Water-type Pokémon appearing near bodies of water). There are even Pokémon that are only available in specific geographic locations, Mr. Mime is exclusive to Europe, for example.imageCatching a Drowzee, giving a raspberry to make it love me, then using a greatball and a curveball to catch it. Screenshots of Pokémon GO
  4. If you catch the type of Pokémon multiple times, you get 3 of the corresponding type of ‘candy’ for Pokémon, and you can trade in individual Pokémon for 1 candy. With enough candy you can evolve that type of Pokémon.imageCatches as a low-level Trainer at Nordnes. Screenshot of Pokémon GO.
  5. You may also find Pokémon Eggs at PokéStops, you incubate these and they hatch after you’ve walked a specific distance.imageEggs! Sadly they are all only 2km eggs (unlikely to have interesting contents). You can also get 5km or 10km eggs. Screenshots of Pokémon GO.
  6. Eventually, you’ll be asked a team (there are 3 to choose from). When you join a team you can fight and train in Gyms and assign a Pokémon to open Gyms or ones your team controls. If a different team controls the Gym, you can battle the defending Pokémon with your own (you can also work together with friends from your team). If your Pokémon win, the Prestige of the Gym is reduced. The Gym’s Prestige must be brought to zero for you to assign a Pokémon. If the Gym belongs to your team, you must raise the Prestige by winning battles until a prescribed level is reached, then you can assign a Pokémon.

Read more about Pokémon GO here.

Where to catch Pokémon in Bergen Sentrum:

  1. Storsenter (Store Center)/Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek (library). There are often lures (placed on PokéStops, they look kinda like confetti and they ‘attract Pokémon’, benefiting anyone in the area) put up on several of the 3 PokéStops between the library and Storsenter. It is pretty easy to hang out on the stairs or even inside the library and catch some.imageLots of Pokémon to catch. Screenshots of Pokémon GO.
  2. Lille Lungegårdsvannet (the pond by Festplassen). There are many PokéStops around the pond, often they have lures (especially the ones closer to Christies Gate). Plus there are benches to relax on if it’s not raining.
  3. Nordnes (near the aquarium). Last but not least, the ‘ultimate’ place to catch Pokémon is out on Nordnes on the right-hand side of the aquarium. There are 3 PokéStops here that almost always have lures, and crowds gather here – so pull up a bench, listen to the excited murmurs or shouts that go up when rare or prized Pokémon appear, and make some friends. Nordnes is so popular that there have been noise complaints for crowds of up to 200 late at night. So, if you do make the journey to Nordnes, make sure you’re being respectful to the neighbors.imageSome PokéViews of Nordnes. Screenshots of Pokémon GO.


imageAt Nordnes. Sad about that Charmander running away. Photo: Stand Hiestand


imageA crowd gathers at Nordnes. Photo: Stand Hiestand


Looking for a specific Pokémon? Try this map.

Want to gather with some like-minded locals? Ask to join Bergen’s Pokémon GO Facebook group!

Got some advice for catching Pokémon around Fantoft or outside the Sentrum? Wanna share your favorite Gyms to fight in? Using bybanen to restock on supplies? Comment below.

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