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Suggest a blog, win a prize!

In my last post I talked about the first of two contests you can enter in and win a fabulous gift card that acts like a debit card at select venues. If you aren’t interested in writing your own blog, you can still win by suggesting some blog posts you’d like to see me write!

Suggest a blog

Now’s the time to suggest a blog for me to write. All you international students who have been in Bergen since Fall, let me know what you wish you had known when you first arrived! Please give suggestions related to “what incoming students should know”. The more specific the better! When you send in your suggestion, make sure to indicate your name as you’d like it to be included, or let me know if you’d rather be anonymous.


Do incoming students need to know that reindeer earmuffs are a travesty?? Make the suggestion, and win the contest. Photo: Stand Hiestand


I gave the outline of the prize and submission details in my last post, but let’s make sure they’re handy for you:

You could win!

Not only the fame and fortune associated with blogging (read: your blog will totally go up in this space), but a byGavekort (city gift card) that can be used like a debit card at more than 320 venders throughout Bergen. The gift card must be redeemed by December 31; perfect timing to get some Christmas gifts for your loved-ones (or, you know, for you). You don’t only have to go shopping – you could also use your byGavekort for cinema, theater, concerts, travel, restaurants, and more! You needn’t spend it all in one place, if you don’t want to; it can be used at multiple vendors until the balance is used. Check out the vendors you can frequent at this link. 

This card is like sweet sweet NOK:


The lucky winners providing the best blog suggestions each receive a byGavekort worth kr 300 — Ready to enter?


More interested in experiences than ‘things’; redeem your byGavekort at the cinema! Image:

Submit by December 4th.

Email your suggestions to by 12:00 on the 4th of December.  Good luck!


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