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Study Break: Lofoten

I know I promised to write about getting Internet in Norway and I will absolutely address that in at least one of next week’s posts, I swear. But, this week, my own Internet has been sparse because I have been enjoying scenic Lofoten’s “elevated temperature anomalies”. (Actually, it has been quite cool, a little chilly even – but in comparison to other places at this latitude (it’s within the arctic circle!), Lofoten tends to be warmer than expected). So today I’d like to take anther ‘study break’ to share with you a quick peek at Lofoten!



A peek at a Lofoten peak! Photo: Stand Hiestand 


Lofoten,  an archipelago (extensive group of islands) home to over 1,000 years of codfishing, offers a view of traditional Norwegian life surrounded by spectacular beauty. Its soaring mountains and bright, clear waters offer views that juxtapose the Arctic with the visually, but far from actually, tropical (the waters have the teal color of the Mediterranean, but with non of the warmth).



Near Fredvang. Photo: Stand Hiestand

Norway inspires new Vocabulary

Some of my recent expeditions have led me to attempt to coin some new words to describe Norway’s unique beauty. “Noriginal” (‘a Norwegian original’),  “norgeous” (for specifically Norge (Norwegian) gorgeousness), “nor-rageous” (outrageousness exhibited by something Norwegian — usually something outrageously ‘norgeous’) are some of the new vocabulary I’ve come up with so far.  Here’s a call to action – any other ideas for new English words describing a foreigner’s experience of Norway? “Nrink”, “nrank”, “nrunk”  perhaps (for Norwegian drinking)? “Norlicious” for the specific deliciousness of waffles and brun ost? Comment below if you have ideas!



Bunes beach. One of Lofoten’s many awaiting adventures. Photo: Stand Hiestand



Below are some Lofoten examples of my new “norwords”:




Fisherman’s cabins, in Å. A look at a traditional (Noriginal) way of life. Photo: Stand Hiestand




The beauty of Lofoten’s towering mountains. Photo: Stand Hiestand

imageLofoten sunset. Photo: Stand Hiestand



imageThe color of that water! Freezing, and “nor-ageusly” beautiful! Photo: Stand Hiestand

If you’re composing your “Nucket list” (Norwegian bucket list of places to see while you study here) – note Lofoten now!




Update: Looks like I’m not the only one who believes in the power of norwords:


imageThe day after I put up this post, I stumbled across this Norwagon! (The only way to see the Norscapes) Photo: Stand Hiestand


5 comments for “Study Break: Lofoten

  1. Johanna
    16. August 2015 at 13:12

    Thanks for posting your pictures, they look incredible! I hope you had a great time there! 🙂 Since I’d really love to travel to Lofoten as well, I was wondering about what might be the best way to go up there? And also the cheapest? 😉
    Thanks in advance!

    • Stand Hiestand
      16. August 2015 at 14:04

      Hei hei, Johanna!
      Great questions and I’m happy to write up a post for traveling ‘cheaply’ to Lofoten, it may take a couple of weeks to get to it though! Thanks for your comment and the kind compliment on the photos – it is so beautiful up there it is easy to take good photos! 😀

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