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Here we go, the million dollar question. What’s the deal with Internet in Norway? It has been a common concern for students who’ve taken the time to comment on this blog. Of course, it is completely normal to want to know how and when you’ll be able to access Internet in a new country. Internet is how we stay connected, entertained, and sometimes even educated. So, let’s get right to it! In this post I’ll cover getting Internet through UiB and the interim (when you first arrive, before you can get your Internet account set up), and next post we’ll talk about getting Internet from other companies.






Internet in Bergen

Upon Arrival:

Don’t fret, Internet is everywhere in Bergen (and Norway in general). So, when you get in you should be able to access some wifi pretty quickly and easily. There is even free wifi at the Bergen airport, although it isn’t always the most functional). Here are some places you can look for Internet right away:

  • Coffee shops, Bars, Cafes, Convenience Stores: Many of the local establishments have wifi, it may be locked, so you would need to purchase a coffee, beer, food item, etc. and ask for a code. But, a handful have free wifi (for example, I believe Narvesen, 7-11, and McDonald’s may offer it, and maybe even Wayne’s Coffee).
  • UiB Guest Network: UiB has a guest network you can access immediately. It’s called uib-guest and you’ll have to follow the prompts to connect, click here for instructions.
  • Student Housing: In general, Sammen (formerly SiB) provides a way to access internet as part of the student housing, however you will have to go through the steps below or use the UiB guest network above in order to use it.

Folk og Røvere, one of my favorite bars to sit and get some Internet. Photo:

Internet through UiB:

In order to get your Internet access through UiB at the student housing, computer labs, etc. you have to go through the steps listed in the Semester Startup Brochure. This includes registering, paying the semester fee if applicable, and signing up for Sebra (the Central User Administration System). You’ll need information from your welcome packet for some of these steps.

So, how long does it take to get an Internet Account?

Well, it depends how fast you get everything done. But, you can’t get started till you pick up your ‘welcome envelope’ at the Opening Session of the Introductory Programme! After you complete all the steps, it will still take about a day before your Internet access is official. Not to worry, you can still access the Internet in the ways mentioned above or through Eduroam (see below) if you have that already.


07. august 2014. Internasjonalt studentmottak, UiB. FOTO: EIVIND SENNESET

07. august 2014. Internasjonalt studentmottak, UiB. Photo: EIVIND SENNESET

How do you get Internet faster?

Well, you can certainly follow the instructions given in the brochure on your own instead of waiting to do it with the introductory group if that is being offered – so once you get your ‘welcome envelope’ you can get started on it in a cafe that has wifi or by asking to use one of your faculty’s computers. Of course, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone there to ask questions or assist if you have problems, so you may want to attend any offered sessions. You may also want to bring a cable to connect to the Internet in case of any difficulties with Sammen’s wifi (although of course you can buy one here as well).


Below is an image from the Semester Startup Brochure; it illustrates Step 3, the step most proximal (closest) to getting Internet, but, remember you have to go through the first two steps first! See the Brochure for descriptions of the first two steps.




University of Bergen participates in in the eduroam (education roaming) network, a secure, world-wide roaming Internet access service. Eduroam offers Internet access from participating campuses all over the world. If you are already part of an institution that participates, you can log on using eduroam immediately. For more information on eduroam, click here.


eduroam flags






Ok, future students, more on the Internet coming next post, and please keep those questions coming!

And, a call out to any current international students – what do you wish you’d been told at the Introductory Programme? Please comment below.

5 comments for “The Mighty Net

  1. Linh
    30. July 2015 at 03:31

    Well, I see, finally. Thanks. I really appreciate what you are doing. Keep going and you are great.

    • Stand Hiestand
      31. July 2015 at 10:57

      Thanks so much! That is very nice to hear!

  2. The Wifi Searcher
    3. August 2015 at 14:29

    Other places you can find Wifi:
    – Bergen Public Library, between Bergen Storsenter and Bergen Railway Station: I think you need to get a card there, but that goes fast, and you can even use the computers there + print, copy and scan (print and copy cost 1 NOK/page, so it’s more expensive than doing it in the university library)
    – Bybanen: this connection is free and open, but it’s easier to use it if you’re in the Bybane (and you have to pay for that). It’s possible to just hang out on a Bybane station using the Wifi, but the connection follows the Bybane, so it’s very unstable and works best if you just have to check out something very fast
    – Galleriet, shopping center in the city center: this Wifi is free and open, but sometimes it goes very slowly
    – Kvarteret, the big orange building in Olav Kyrres Gate 49: here you can find uib-guest and eduroam because this student house belongs to SiB (but I thought I should mention it anyway, as it’s easy to forget that it belongs to SiB and has the same Wifi as campus)

    • Stand Hiestand
      4. August 2015 at 20:27

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – these are absolutely also great places to get free wifi! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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