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Touring: Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty

Recently, a member of the Biology Student Union (BFU), Stein, was kind enough to provide me a tour of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty. He was very patient with me when I had to spend extra time looking at squirrel skeletons – thanks, Stein! Spanning several buildings, some of which are new, some of which are being updated, this faculty is where you can study life science, geoscience, math, chemistry, physics and computer science! Wanna read more about the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty? Check out their site. 

Meet Stein

13382284_10154110931841397_703408977_nPhoto: Provided by Stein. Hei hei, Stein!

Stein, my gracious guide, is about to start his third year of undergrad. In his studies, he focuses on terrestrial biology, although he speaks highly of UiB’s reputation for marine biology. In his third year he looks forward to his lab work where he’ll be classifying stone flies and their habitats from fieldwork that will be performed in Hedmark (eastern Norway).

Fig_2_Leuctra hippopus_head_right

Let’s start the tour!

Realfagsbygget (Natural Sciences)

rfbygg_pelillholm_2Photo: Magnus Vabø Copyright: UiB


We started in probably the largest of the faculty’s buildings, Realfagsbygget (Allégaten 41). It is also an older building and improvements are in process for this portion of faculty. Filled with classrooms, lecture auditoriums, reading rooms and group work spaces as well as a cafeteria and a student pub. There’s a fair amount to explore here, so let’s get started!




A couple of the lecture halls – unfortunately we couldn’t go in when I was visiting, but Stein found some photos so I could share them with you!


imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand.

Students are having a ‘review-session’ before the last exams (top). The student pub, not yet open for the day, already is attracting a crowd of people sitting down to study (bottom).



imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand

Sammen is the student welfare organization in Bergen has an on-campus cafes here as well, of course (top and bottom left). Read about more of ’em here. Stein informs me that it is one place students like to spend time studying, especially when they don’t want to be quiet in a reading room (bottom right).


imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand

View from the stairs from the Sammen cafe.


imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand

Classroom and hallway in Realfagsbygget. Check out that periodic table, oh yeah 😉


imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand

More Realfagsbygget hallways, you can see the group work pods where students can gather and study.


imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand

Little fountain outside the side-door exit. Nearby is another small building that offers a few lecture halls, unfortunately the auditoriums were not accessible – so, on to a few photos of the buildings near Marineholmen (where my friend showed me the lab facilities), the Bergen High Technology Centre (Thormøhlensgate 55) and the Department of Biology (Thormøhlens gate 53 a and b):

Bergen High Technology Centre & Department of Biology

These buildings also have classrooms, labs, computer rooms and study spaces. They are modern buildings that are filled with windows letting in the (potentially limited) Bergen sunshine.


imagePhoto: Stand Photos: Stand Hiestand

Exterior of the Bergen High Technology Centre.

imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand

Lab (top left) and hallway (top right) in the biology department building. Computer lab (soon to become reading room) in the Bergen High Technology Centre (bottom).

imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand

Out back behind the Bergen High Technology Centre. Some outdoor seating for study and socializing!


imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand

Exterior Department of Biology.

imagePhoto: Ingvild Sundal Joys. Image:

A classroom in the biology faculty. With students!

imagePhotos: Stand Hiestand


The important things! Squirrel skeletons… with half skin and fur (top) in a very reflective case, kitten skeleton dyed for visibility (bottom left) and various specimens (bottom right).


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