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Touring: Medical Faculty

The departments of medicine and dentistry are housed near each other a short bus ride (buses #2 or #3 run frequently) from the sentrum (center of town). As a part of my student-guided tours of different faculties, I recently got the chance to walk the halls of the Building for Biological Research (BBB) and a little bit of the Armauer Hansens House and Haukeland Hospital with Ida, a recent UiB masters graduate in Nutrition. She did both her undergrad and masters programme at UiB, and has therefore the expertise of 5 years experience walking the halls of this faculty.


Hei, Ida!


A huge congratulations to Ida on her recent graduation! Ida shared that one of her favorite things about her experience in her programme was the clinical work she got to do with patients. She really enjoyed that interaction with the public. She also mentioned that students within the medical and dental faculty can really bond with each other, potentially because they feel a little separated from the campus in the sentrum. This could be a positive, if you prefer to focus on fostering relationships within your programme, or valuable information: if you plan to be a part of the medical and dental faculty but want to make sure you are meeting other students, join a student group or get involved in activities and events in the sentrum (looking on Facebook is a good bet for finding out what’s going on).


About the Medical Faculty

The BBB is chock full of student spaces, including auditoriums, reading, computer, and seminar rooms, a cafeteria, library, and lab. There are several cool footbridges, that connect the buildings. Haukeland University Hospital contains several UiB  teaching facilities. And, Armauer Hansens House (AHH ) has several 1st floor reading and group rooms and an information center for students.   To read more about the medical faculty and to read about the dental faculty, click here, but have your translator at the ready!


imageThe exterior (above) and interior (below) of BBB. Photos: Stand Hiestand 

Tour it!

It’s that time of year that most people are finishing their finals for the semester, so not as many students have been around for my recent tours. Sadly, that sometimes meant locked rooms and auditoriums. But, sometimes it meant having lots of time and room to take some photos! Now, without further ado, let’s take a look around!


imageAn auditorium taunting us with locked doors. Photo: Stand Hiestand



2015_internasjonal_dag_34Since I couldn’t get into the locked auditoriums, I searched out the photo above of a BBB auditorium in use! Image: 

imageThe library in BBB (above and below), currently under renovation, still getting a bit of use even in mid-July. Photos: Stand Hiestand

imageAll photos from BBB’s cafeteria, offering some lovely views! Photos: Stand Hiestand
imageFootbridge! I really got into these footbridges, although I was told by Ida, who is in the know, that their temperatures can be a bit warm in the summer and cold in the winter. An entrance off the footbridge to the Lab Building (top left), the view from the footbridge (top right), a view within the footbridge (bottom). We walked from BBB to Haukeland on this one. Photos: Stand Hiestand


imageIt was lunchtime when I visited, I guess everybody not on summer break was here – the Haukeland Hospital cafeteria! Ida informed me that students of this faculty get discounts in the hospital cafeteria, making it a pretty good deal – it makes the coffee a bit cheaper than that in the BBB cafeteria. It is quite a large cafeteria with lots of different sections to sit in. It seemed quite appealing, especially the large-windowed areas. Photos: Stand Hiestand


imageIda helpfully modeling an Armauer Hansens House reading room. There were several lovely, large, light-filled spaces to study in. Two different reading rooms featured in the images. Photos: Stand Hiestand


imageThere are also student lounge spaces in Armauer Hansens House – places to get some coffee, eat a packed lunch, or generally just relax and have a break. Some of them also have some lovely nature outside their windows. Photos: Stand Hiestand


Get your white coat here! Peaking inside the machines that dispense the uniforms (top), and checking out the interface that allows you to put in your student card and get the white coat (bottom two images).

Interested in an English-language masters programme at UiB’s medical and dental faculty? Take a peek at the options here.

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