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Touring: The Humanities Faculty

In the interest of exploring many of the faculties that make up the University of Bergen, Marianne, the Norwegian Blogger, took me on a short tour of the Humanities Faculty.  If you are curious about what you can study at the Humanities Faculty, you can take a peek at their site here. Marianne is studying a Bachelors in Arabic, part of the Department of Foreign Languages, which is within the Humanities Faculty. So, she knows her way around.


imageEyeballing the art at the Humanities faculty. Photo: Stand Hiestand

Here’s a couple highlights from the Humanities Faculty’s facilities:

Student Meeting Spot: Ad Fontes

The Humanities Faculty has its own student bar/cafe, Ad Fontes (Sydnesplassen 7). Go have a glass of wine and enjoy some ‘truth in wine’ (or more accurately, in vino veritas… in . You can look for upcoming events at Ad Fontes at their event page: Ad fontes  – Kva skjer? (Ad fontes – What’s up?). You can also get involved by volunteering there.  Volunteering is a great way to make connections and new friends – especially Norwegian friends.


imageMarianne models the comforts of the couches in Ad Fontes, the student bar/cafe within the Humanities Faculty. Photo: Stand Hiestand

550886_436146679738664_342049164_nAd Fontes volunteers keep it runnin’! Image:

imagePeeking into Ad Fontes. Photo: Stand Hiestand


imageAd Fontes bar. Photo: Stand Hiestand

imagePretending I can read Norwegian. Photo:Marianne Aasen

imageAt Ad Fontes (top right), I ponder the eternal ‘bathroom graffiti philosophy question’, “Why don’t we have any brie?” (bottom). You can that I reflected on a new clue to this timeless mystery – a number of brie stickers (top left). Perhaps whomever applied these stickers to the wall has insight into this question.  Photo: Stand Hiestand

Study Spot: Humanities Library

imageThe Humanities Library, a welcome sight for those in need of a spot to study. Photo: Stand Hiestand

imageThe humanities library offers a number of reading spots, computers, and books galore. Marianne regrets that she cannot share her secret favorite study spot, you’ll have to find your own!

Classrooms: The Humanities Faculty

Within the beautiful yellow building is a labyrinth of rooms where you could take courses. Marianne warns that sometimes the signage may be misleading. So, you may want to come early to your first class in case you get lost! (Especially since it is expected that students are on time in Norway).

   imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand


I even got to explore some of the classrooms in the Humanities Faculty for the blog in the past.  I enjoyed an interesting guest lecture by Hitomi Tonomura, Women’s Studies and History Professor (University of Michigan) that touched on the gender dynamics in Japan. Check out my blog about her lecture here.

 image image
Photos: Stand Hiestand

I also got to explore the Humanities faculty auditorium when I attended a meeting for the Tandem Language kickoff. Tandem Language is a way to casually practice a language with a partner. You can read a little bit more about what I learned about it here. Or, just check out the auditorium seating in the Humanities Faculty below.

Photos: Stand Hiestand 

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