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Touring: The psychology faculty

Periodically throughout the coming weeks, I intend to tour some of the faculties throughout the campus. The plan is that I’ll be guided by students who have first-hand experience with the faculty buildings, amenities, and the faculties themselves (and maybe during the tours I can even pick their brains about the programmes they are attending).

I’m excited! I’ll get to get to explore more of the campus and to learn about the faculties that make up UiB, and provide some ‘insider secrets’ to you potential and current students out there! But, to start out, I thought I’d take you on a tour myself. I’m doing a masters of health promotion. I’m actually currently writing my thesis (which occasionally makes me want to stab my eyes a little), but in the past year I’ve spent a lot of time at my host faculty, the faculty of psychology. I’d like to show you around it today!


The Faculty of Psychology

Okay, the Faculty of Psychology has five departments:

If any of those departments sounds intriguing, please feel free visit their homepages at the links above.  My programme in health promotion is through HEMIL, the department of Health Promotion and Development.  It is an interdisciplinary department focusing on research in health and social sciences including health promotion, child welfare and gender and development. You can learn more about the department of Health Promotion and Development here.


healthpromotion-558x379Health promotion, it’s own little niche of public health, has to do with education/empowerment, policy, and social determinants of health. Image:

The five departments of the faculty of psychology are housed within three buildings on campus.  One of the buildings is near the Haukeland Hospital (the university hospital). Now, I have no experience with that particular building, so I won’t cover it today. But I hope someone can show me around there in the future and I can share it with you!

The other two buildings housing departments of the faculty of psychology are the Bjørn Christiansen Building (Christies gate 12) and Vektertorget (Christies gate 13). Both of these buildings are in the sentrum (the city center), conveniently located a few blocks from the bybane (light rail) and festplassen (a major bus stop).

Let’s take a look!


Bjørn Christiansen Building

imageHello, Bjørn Christiansen Building! Photo: Stand Hiestand

The Bjørn Christiansen Building is my study-buddy. It is my preferred study hangout for two major reasons:

1. The psychology faculty library

The psychology faculty library, which is housed inside, is my favorite place to work on campus. To get there, you gotta go one floor up…

imageMay as well ogle graduating classes from the 70s, 80s and 90s on your way up! Photo: Stand Hiestand

The library is open and generally filled with light. It has plenty of books from my department that I can reference in moments of panic – er, I mean research, moments of research.  There’s a couple different sections of computers for student use.  The largest ‘computer zone’ occasionally hosts workshops, but most often you’ll just find students hard at work.

imageHere there be library. Photo: Stand Hiestand

There are a number of seating areas for students with laptops or even those old fashioned book-thingies. There’s even a loft section above that offers a couple more computers and more study-seating. And yes, of course, the wifi is strong with this one. Sorry for the star wars joke, what I mean is there is easily accessible wifi all over campus.

imagePart of the loft, looking down to the study areas below. The loft seems particularly popular, get there early and often. Photo: Stand Hiestand

imageBooks a-plenty. Photo: Stand Hiestand

I love the library.  If there is anything bad about it, it may be that the temperature errs on the warm side. So if you see me there, I’m probably the one who opened a nearby window for a fresh breeze.

2. The Sammen Cafe

The other reason the Bjørn Christiansen Building is the best study-buddy for me, is the Sammen cafe. Sammen (formerly SiB) is the student welfare organization in Bergen. One of it’s myriad functions is running on-campus cafes. Read all about ’em here. And this is the Sammen cafe where I like to get a latte because I deserve a treat and my brain hurts, damnit! It is conveniently located right next to the library, for all my caffeine needs.


imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand


While I admit to generally being a “bring my lunch from home” kinda gal, I occasionally grab something in the cafe. Or, at least I sit and eat a packed-lunch and admire the murals. Or, better still, if the weather is good, there is a large outdoor seating patio.

imageI really like those murals! Photo: Stand Hiestand

imageBjørn Christiansen Building Stairwell. Photo: Stand Hiestand


Last but not least, we come to the building where I had the majority of my classes.  Located at Christies gate 13, there are definitely a few perks to this building as well.

imageLet’s follow that guy into the psychology faculty! Photo: Stand Hiestand


1. Sammen Trening

Yes, Sammen again! The bottom floor of this building hosts a couple of restaurants, an international grocery store, and the Sammen trening centre. Sammen manages the student workout centres as well as the cafes. It is awfully convenient to have it so close to class. No excuses for skipping a workout (except for maybe a herniated disc)!


imageTrening on the left or school on the right? Decisions decisions. Photo: Stand Hiestand

2. Information Centre

The information centre for the faculty of psychology is located in this building. The centre can help with study programme information, assistance with StudentWeb and MySpace, application forms, transcripts for exchange students and much more. They have helped me enormously with accommodations for my dumb herniated disc. They directed me regarding who to talk to as well as what to write up, and ultimately assisted me getting a standing desk in the faculty reading rooms. Thanks everybody in the information centre!

imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand

2. Reading Rooms and Computer Rooms

And of course one must mention there are many reading rooms available for students. There are also computers available. When the library is closed I adjourn to the computers here. With your student card you can access the building for those early morning or late night cram sessions. Now, get to work!


imagePhoto: Stand Hiestand


Curious about a specific faculty? Wanna show me your favorite building or library? Leave a comment below!

4 comments for “Touring: The psychology faculty

  1. Muti ur Rehman
    18. June 2016 at 08:11

    I am coming on 2nd Aug 2016 and i am enrolled in Master program(Global Development-theory and practice). It comes under the faculty of Psycology but, you have not mentioned anything about it. Iy was pretty helpful though but, i need to know a little more thn that.
    Thanks for sharing such useful imformation with us. Cheers

    • Stand Hiestand
      18. June 2016 at 16:28

      Congratulations on your acceptance to the Global Development programme 🙂
      As I’m a student too, I don’t have information about all the programmes offered at UiB,
      if you have questions about your programme, you may wish to contact their office directly.
      If you have questions about student life, let me know – I’ll be happy to consider them
      for future posts! Welcome to Bergen shortly!

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