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Welcome Programme August 2017

Hei hei everybody! (This is the doubled up extra-friendly version of “hei”, which of course means “hi” in Norsk)

The August 2017 Welcome Programme starts on Thursday 10 August! It is a hugely beneficial part of your start at UiB, and probably one of the first things you’ll do here apart from getting yourself to Bergen and to your new accommodations. So, for today’s post, here’s an updated past post of my top 3 reasons for attending the Introductory Programme. If you absolutely can’t make it for some reason, I can assure you that you can still get the important information (just follow the instructions on late arrival and/or email Student Affairs for an appointment if you arrive after the Help Desk has closed for the semester at or  However, I really want to encourage everyone who can make it to come, so here are:

3 Good Reasons to Attend the August 2017 Welcome Programme

smalt_mottakPhoto: Ingvild Festervoll Melien

1. Practicalities

Look, we all know that often practicalities at best are tedious, and at worst can be confusing and time-consuming. The Introductory Programme makes it easier to navigate these (from the photo above, you might say it make them downright fun – SO fun!). While you have access to the New Student Checklist and information about class registration (arriving via email in July) to get you started on practicalities, if you miss the programme itself, you miss a valuable opportunity to ask questions, and hear other students’ questions, comments, and concerns. If you want to get a feel for the flavor of the programme, you can check out my past blog, “Introducing the Introductory Programme“.


Internasjonalt studentmottakEivind Senneset, Photographer

2. Culture

If you attend the Welcome Programme, you get to learn about Norway and Norwegians through some of the fine presentations offered. The”Meeting the Locals” presentation was one of my favorites. Culture is a huge part of living in a different country from your own. Learning about cultural at the Welcome Programme may help prevent some culture shocks, or create a curiosity within you to learn more and seek out specific adventures during your time in Bergen!

124499cNorwegians: born with Skis on their feet? Image:

3. New Friends

Not only is the Introductory Programme a great time to start mingling with your fellow students, it provides introductions to student organizations such as the International Student Union, the Erasmus Student Network and the Student Parliament. Getting acquainted with these and other organizations and attending their events is another excellent way to find your new, Bergen-friends. By the way, there’s also an opportunity to check out tons of student organizations in person at the ‘Meet the Student Organisations’ event on Tuesday 15 August.


semesterstart52_0Eivind Senneset, Photographer

Meet new people at the Introductory Programme!  Eivind Senneset, Photographer

Convinced to attend? Check out the Welcome Programme page here.

8 comments for “Welcome Programme August 2017

  1. Meng Lingtao
    13. July 2017 at 10:08

    It is helpful! Thanks forbyour efforts!

    • Stand Hiestand
      14. July 2017 at 14:06

      You are most welcome! Hope you enjoy Bergen and your studies 🙂

  2. Abdel
    19. July 2017 at 22:22

    Hello, can you help me
    Want to join this events
    And subscribe in your university

    • Stand Hiestand
      22. July 2017 at 11:03

      Hi there!
      If you are an incoming student at UiB you can join the Welcome Programme so long as you are in town. As long as you are an enrolled student you can just come to the event. Hope to see you there 🙂

  3. Jane
    14. October 2017 at 18:41

    Hei hei!

    I was just reading your article since I’m taking a semester in Bergen next year this time. As I understand there is intro from the 10th-15th of August, is that right? I was wondering if you could fly to Bergen and stay these days and then fly home until you start at uni on September the 1st? Or do you do something in between? I’m really busy in August back home, that’s why I ask 🙂
    Btw thank you for a very helpful and informative website!

    • Stand Hiestand
      4. November 2017 at 13:28

      Hi there,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I don’t know the exact dates for the welcome programme next year, but it is likely around those dates, yes. Of course you are allowed to do whatever you like in between, there is generally a Fadderuke (mentor week) in between as a way to get to know other students in your faculty, but it is not required. And I don’t know when your courses begin, you might want to verify they don’t start until the 1st of September, my courses this year started the 17th of August, so it can certainly vary! Hope that helps!

  4. Jane
    23. October 2017 at 14:08


    I already asked this question on another post, but I’m sorry I simply cannot find my comment anymore.. This Welcome Programme is in the midle of August, right? And the study isn’t until September, or? Is there anything in between or are you just having free time before university starts? If yes – is it then nessary to come and stay there for theese few days long time before your study starts?

    Hope it wasn’t too many questions. And thank you for an informative and great blog!

    • Stand Hiestand
      4. November 2017 at 13:29

      Hi Jane,
      You sure did ask that on another post, so sorry about my delay getting back to you, I have been very busy this semester! I did respond on your original post, I really hope it helps!

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