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What’s fun in Bergen

Hei hei again new international students! As promised in last week’s blog of practicalities, this week I wanted to provide some ideas of what to do and where to go for fun in Bergen.

Get Active

Norwegians tend to be an active and outdoorsy people. You can encounter them frolicking through the mountains like obnoxiously well-coordinated gazelles – this sight happens with enough frequency to inspire (or depress) some of the less than graceful foreigners (myself included)… and possibly some of the less graceful Norwegians. I have chosen to feel inspiration. I try to get outside most days and up Fløyen at least a couple times a week, and enjoying the nature is enough to distract me from my clumsy embarrassments.

Many many other opportunities for outdoor activities await. Current students and other Bergen-dwellers, have any activity suggestions? Feel free to comment below!



Check out my blog “I’ve arrived in Bergen, now what?” for some student opinions on outdoor and other activities.

Get Involved

A great way to meet Norwegians is to get involved in some type of community group, festival or project. Norwegians not only have a tradition of “dugnad”, or voluntary community efforts, but often tend to make friends by being involved in these types of activities or other groups. If you can’t find a community project to work on, you can volunteer at one of the many festivals that occur throughout the year, or join a student group.

Check out being a volunteer or just attending some of the following festivals:




Try joining an organization:

Not ready to be a joiner?

Get out on the town

bergenshalvøyen sentrum natt nordnes skansen dokken laksevågImage:

Sometimes it is necessary to splurge on a coffee, meal, or beer at a coffeeshop, restaurant or bar. Here’s a short list of some of my favorites:




Alternately, you could stimulate your brain with an academic event or public lecture


Other entertainment

Of course there’s all sorts of other options, including



  • A movie at the Kino, perhaps? No, not cheap, but a large amount of English language selection.







There’s a lot of music venues in Bergen, some examples include:

  • Grieghallen – for classical, opera, etc
  • USF – a variety of musical genres play here, including Jazz
  • The Garage – primarily rock and contemporary music
  • Hulen – again, contemporary

54858856Hope you get out there and have some fun! Image:


What did I leave out? Let me know below!

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